Suneet Kumbhat on doing Mahabharata Recitals in Cafes for the Youth

Suneet Kumbhat talks about doing Mahabharata discussions and recitals in chic cafes and eateries in Urban India focusing on bringing the great epic to a newer generation in a fun and casual environment filled with great values and learnings.

The Indic Explorer channel is a platform to explore different facets of Indic Culture and its relationship with modernity. On our show ‘The Indic Underground’ we speak to newer & younger people from different spheres of cultural life that represent less known aspects of Indic culture. If you are tired of the same folks & are looking for fresh voices, then this is the place for it.

Our endeavor is to reach out to culturally conscious younger people who are deeply tied to the values of Indian culture while still embracing modernity. We will soon be bringing interesting discussions on different topics ranging from culture, civilizational issues, history, geopolitics, philosophy, music, literature dance, art and architecture.

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