Ari Jayaprakash talks about the Indian Underground Art Scene, Analyzing Art & AI Art of the Future

On the 1st Episode of my weekly podcast The Indic Underground on The Indic Explorer YouTube channel, I chat with artist Ari Jayaprakash.

We discuss modern Indian Underground art, its roots in Indic cultural values, his artistic influences, the development of the artistic aesthetic, the interpretation of some of his curated artworks (yes, we analyze artworks on the show) and the evolution of art with the advent of AI.

Ari Jayaprakash is an internationally acclaimed Indian artist and musician born in Wellington, India. He belongs to the Badaga tribe, who inhabit the Nilgiris. Having worked and showcased all over the world, his work is a confluence of influences that are constantly being explored and realized through art, photography and music. His work incorporates relevant global themes of alienation, isolation, identity, corruption, oppression, urban seclusion and other social commentary.

The Indic Explorer channel is a platform to explore different facets of Indic Culture and its relationship with modernity. On our show ‘The Indic Underground’ we speak to newer & younger people from different spheres of cultural life that represent less known aspects of Indic culture. If you are tired of the same folks & are looking for fresh voices, then this is the place for it.

Our endeavor is to reach out to culturally conscious younger people who are deeply tied to the values of Indian culture while still embracing modernity. We will soon be bringing interesting discussions on different topics ranging from culture, civilizational issues, history, geopolitics, philosophy, music, literature dance, art and architecture.

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