Sikh-Baha’i nuptials go (semi) viral

Raja Harmeet Singh:

Wedding of my niece Sahar Haghighat with Donesh Anwari in Jaipur — with Aastha HaghighatHarmeet SinghDonesh AnwariFarnaz ParastMona HaghighatSahar Haghighat AnwariGurpreet KaurArsheen KaurShekoofeh Moghaddas, Er Tarandeep Singh, Japjot Singh, Ash Mass Moghaddas, Soolmaz Haghighat, Shide MoghaddasHaleh Nabiollahi and Siavash Haghighat.

It seems the Sikh side is also Baha’i(esque) since Mr. Harmeet Singh has the Shrine of Baha’u’llah as his cover profile. It’s a nice glimpse into a Baha’i future, the different peoples of the world (or in this case North India- Iranis) clustered together under the symbol of the Greatest Name (the 100th Hidden Name of God), Baha’.

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