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Milan Todorovic
Milan Todorovic
5 years ago

I am still impressed with today’s Arjun’s and Anan’s joint discovery of similarities between Iliad and Mahabharata. I don’t know if someone in the world already did this before them (I doubt it) but it is a discovery of global significance. I have some ideas about this but it would be good if they research this further and publish their finding somewhere.

Re: Razib’s favourite epic (Iliad)

Just to give some final remarks. It is not strange that he likes it. One old Serbian proverb says – the blood is not water; in Razib’s case we could say – R1a1 is not water. Well, Serbs lived in Troy (Ilion), it is a proven fact, the Troyan battle was a Serbian ‘civil war’, they fought from both sides. Refuges from Troy together with people from the capitol of Lycia (Serb on the river Serbica, both renamed by Greeks in the 4th c.BC to Xanthos) in Asia Minor went to Italy where established the city of Rome (giving the city Serbian name – Ruma) and according to Western scholars, founded Western civilisation, too. They called themselves Raseni (scholars called them Etruscans) what is the other name for Serbs. This is the same name for Thracians (which is a Greek reading of Raseni) so as later Serbian offshoots – Russians and Prussians in Germany (Razib can check genetic maps). Troy was the first name of London so as Ilya (i.e. Ilion) of Jerusalem given by Serbs, too. Mountains on the border between Serbia and Albania had name – Troyan’s Mountains, since the beginning until 110 years ago.

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