What is a “Brown Pundits” podcast?

One of the interesting things about asking people whether they would come on this blog’s podcast is that they often say “I don’t know if I’d be that interesting to the audience….” More specifically, there isn’t always a South Asian “hook” to some of the episodes.

But the name of the podcast is “Brown Pundits” because this podcast was started by a few brown guys. Not because we discuss purely “brown” things.

6 thoughts on “What is a “Brown Pundits” podcast?”

  1. Tangential but it would be nice if you could invite some of the old Sepia Mutiny crew on to the podcast to just talk about politics/society/anything under the sun. (You may have already tried this, of course).

    1. yeah. i’ve talked to anna about it, but she’s kind of busy. i think i asked manish, but he didn’t seem interested. and abhi is busy with his tesla stuff. but i can ask more.

    2. Would be awesome! the alt-right (:P) and the far left of brownosphere collide!

  2. Brown Pundits

    Brown people who talk about things.
    People who talk about brown things.
    Brown people who talk about brown things.

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