Browncast Episode 114: Brahmin Bannon

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In this episode, we talk to Indian Bronson. The easiest way to explain who he is is that he’s an Indian American Brahmin who is a practicing Hindu vegetarian, who also happens to be on the same ideological wavelength as Steven Bannon.

A data scientist by data, and shitposter by night.

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3 years ago

This was an absolutely terrific episode Razib. Indian Bronson is an absolute delight and one of my favorite personalities on the internet. You should have him on more often for an educated and intelligent pro-male Hindu take.

3 years ago

How indian is Sonia Gandhi considered to be by non-political Indians?

Unlike Bobby Jindal, in the US context, she wasn’t born in India and is a naturalized citizen by marriage. So not entirely fair to compare.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sumit

Non-political Indians are centrist. They do, from time to time, take a vacation to the left or centre-left just for kicks. But they will return to their home like an arrow when they feel threatened or discontented. They cherish silly things like detachment, minimal articulation, understatements (all ironically rooted in Smarta tradition).

Sonia had a good headstart on all these credentials. Five things melted away all her halo of competence – Mumbai 26/11 and other chain of bombings, 2G scam, inflation of rural wages by MNREGA, the backstabbing of the PMO and the extra large hijacking of Indian discourse by leftists.

Somehow the realisation hit home that all that was being done was image-management. And the fury of these non-political Indians is the factor that has led to the unravelling of Sonia and her circle. Now these non-political Indians have swung to the centre-right -they like bombast, grand spectacles and quick reaction.

When you realise that Manmohan Singh has been restored to the Pantheon, you will understand who has been cast away.

3 years ago

Just listened to this episode. Heard perspectives and terminology I am not use to. Not sure how to digest everything.

It seems to me that Indian Bronson chooses not to question too many of the assumption and assumption’s assumptions of wokeness. I think we need to present alternative mathematical models for how the universe works.

For example, why can’t a poor person ace school and be very successful in life?

Privelege works very differently in the real world from what anti scientific and anti math woke practitioners think it means.

I would like to ask Indian Bronson if he thinks that eastern technologies for increasing physical health, mental health and intelligence (including by accessing conciousness through meditation) can resolve many global challenges.

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