Preity Upala talks about Indic Feminism & Lessons for Western Feminism in this Navratri Special Episode

Model, actress and writer Preity Upala talks about the intricacies of Indic Feminism and the lessons from this less known framework for the Western Feminist Movement. This is an episode commemorating the Hindu Festival of Navaratri honouring the Trinity of the Hindu Devis namely Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati.

The Indic Explorer YouTube channel focusses on the interplay of Indic culture with modernity explored through different facets in the socio-cultural sphere.

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I do a podcast on YouTube on my channel The Indic Explorer. It is an Indic cultural podcast which focusses on the theme of different facets of Indic culture and its interplay with modernity. Twitter- Instagram- Substack-

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1 year ago

Posting here since the main open thread is closed.
Things seem to be taking a wrong turn for IN especially wrt to Kashmir. US and Germany are making familiar noises wrt to K.
Bajwa has rescued PK no doubt about it.
The US tiff with PK was only wrt jihadis targeting west. Jihadis are no longer considered one of the top threats to western domination. See recent blog by slate starcodex. In this context, it makes sense for woke + Islamist to exaggerate threat from Hindutva.
PK generals can say credibly to US that look what we achieved against the Russians in 80s. We can do the same with Russians and Indians. Against China they will extract a bigger price. When the dollar gravy train starts flowing again, PTI supporters and even IK will change their tune.
See SG latest piece about not prematurely celebrating victory. Strategically IN is back to early 90s. JS should stop going overboard with his lectures to west.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bhumiputra

Agree. That’s why my last comment on thread was Bajwa saved Pak. People thought exclusive Chinese CPAC daddy was the way. The reality is that America is still best primary economic and weapons Papa.

Preity Upala
Preity Upala
1 year ago

Thank you for having me on the Indic explorer podcast. It was a riveting and important discussion of issues that are very real not just in India but here in the USA as well. Indic feminism can present an alternative framework and may address some of the problems that radical western feminism is unable to do.

Feel free to reach out to me directly on social media.

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