Sweet as Sunny

Hand on heart, when we were talking about 21st century jobs for women this is NOT what we had in mind.
This is truly the end times, folks those of you who have daughters (or those who are interested in raising daughters) sign up for this pledge below. Right now. 

Perchance, if you think that the pledge is a bit harsh, be warned- your sweet little girl may one day turn out like the sweet little girl below. Her family has been left devastated by the revealings. However there is always hope for redemption. Following Sunny, Bollywood will surely be beating a path to this lady’s door. In that event she can stop worrying about those pesky tuition fees. Over time it will enable her to set up a fund to ease the pain of (college-going) upper-class Americans. We wish her all the best.

My daughter will not step outside the home till she is ready for (arranged) marriage. If she goes out (on emergencies) she must wear a burqa and will always be accompanied by (at least) one parent. She will not have access to cell phone and face-book. She will have ankle monitors at all times providing accurate locational data (unlike that flying object that no one can find).

The Duke University
undergraduate who entered the porn industry ostensibly to meet the high cost of
her college education and has caused a minor storm in America turns out to be —
like the Canadian-Punjabi-Indian Leone — of part Indian-parentage. Her father
is an American physician who has just returned from serving as an army doctor
in Afghanistan; her mother is from India.


In media interviews, including an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan show, the
young woman, whose porn identity is ” Belle Knox”
or “Lauren,” has given some insight into the circumstances that
propelled her into the $15 billion US adult film industry, where actors earn
upwards of $1000 per session.
While she initially claimed that she was forced
to enter the porn world because her parents cut off her education funds, it turns
out the situation is more complex, and her decision was based partly on her own
sense of sexual repression, and later, sexual liberation.

The parents certainly gave all three children a good school education, sending
them to an expensive prep school where tuition fee is about $11,000 a year. The
youngest daughter was a straight A student. But as they entered college, the
costs got out of hand for their reasonably well-off parents, even with the
physician father earning at least $200,000 per year. The eldest son’s $40,000 a
year music degree was mostly bankrolled by the parents, who didn’t want the
children to be burdened by student financial debt that is endemic in the US
They were also paying for the education of the two younger daughters.

Somewhere along the way, it all got too much for them, probably when they
bought a house for $477,730, with mortgage on $460,607.
“I have siblings
in college, who are being supported by my parents, and my parents are paying
$1,000 a month just for their own student loans and my dad graduated 20 years
ago,” Belle Knox/Lauren explained in an interview to the website
realcleareducation.com. “One of my parents is recently unemployed. I was
offered $13,000 in financial aid. That wasn’t enough — that’s $47,000 still
unaccounted for.”

That’s when, she said, she decided to go into adult films, particularly since
she enjoyed sex and had no animus against the industry.


Her rant against the current college education finance system expressed on
Realcleareducation is as follows: “People have this perception that if you
cannot pay for college, financial aid will take care of you, and that
perception is wrong. If you are very low income, you can get a full ride to
Duke, no problem. If you are middle or upper-middle class, you will get screwed
in the process.
So many middle class students have not gotten sufficient
financial aid because on paper, their families look like they have money. Just
because I’m not poor doesn’t mean I can afford $60,000 a year for college.
Other students from middle and upper-middle class families have said the same

On why she didn’t do what most students do — service jobs: “Go to the mall
and talk to somebody who works at a hot dog stand and ask them about their job.
They go to work at 9am, work until 6pm, maybe get two five-minute breaks in the
day, make $6.25 an hour before taxes, and they’re on their feet all day.
They’re working in conditions that are physically and mentally draining. So
they’re making maybe $100 a day before taxes for doing 9 hours of hard physical
work. You look at that and look at what I’m doing, making $1,000 for two hours
doing what I really love doing, which for me is not degrading and is something
I feel safe in, you tell me which industry is demeaning?”

“People say the porn industry is demeaning, but being in a service
industry is degrading in and of itself. You’re basically being stepped on. Any
job I would’ve gotten as a minimum wage worker would’ve been exploitative,
degrading to me, and not provided the money I needed to make, which was $4,000
month. So why would I work 80 hours a week, struggle with school, barely get
any sleep and be treated like a second class citizen, when I can do porn for 14
hours a day , make thousands, set my own hours, and have a ton of fun doing it?”
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