Racism is more foolish than bad

Yes, this is indeed a time of crisis, it is still astounding how a responsible politician (home minister no less) can not comprehend the foolishness of his words.  

Will the immigration officers (who may now lose their jobs over this) have the guts to tell him that it is possible to hold a white-man’s visa, yet appear asian? Perhaps Malaysia has a no-naturalization policy for differently-skinned (whites, browns and blacks) people? That may help explain (but not excuse) things a bit.

interior minister said two passengers who used stolen passports to
board a Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing with 239 people aboard
had “Asian facial features”, according to a report.

Fears of a terror attack have surfaced after
it was revealed that at least two passengers boarded the plane with
stolen passports — one from Italy and one from Austria. The passport
owners have been found to be safe.

“I am still puzzled how come (immigration officers) cannot think: an
Italian and Austrian but with Asian facial features,” Home Minister
Zahid Hamidi was quoted as saying late Sunday by Malaysia’s national
news agency Bernama.

“We will conduct an internal probe, particularly on the officers who
were on duty at the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
immigration counter during flight MH370,” Zahid said.


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