Mossad + (jewish controlled) Twitter = Victory!!!

Success has a hundred fathers. Here comes the claim that this was a Twitter election and it was the social media gap that was a big deal with youngsters who are standing with Modi (he has promised jobs for all of them). Twitter has now promised to harvest all the technology innovations developed for Indian elections and utilize them for the upcoming elections in Brazil, Indonesia and in the USA (see below).

Failures have a thousand excuses. There is a claim by Mohan Prakash a Congress bigwig, that Mossad won it for Modi. Mossad is (justifiably) feared for its effectiveness and ruthlessness only behind the ISI. Many wise people have noted the many points of similarity between Pakistan and Israel. It is no surprise that the two secret services are also gold-star organizations driven by a shared zeal to succeed.

It goes to the credit of extensive pajamas media-led investigation (30 sec on the internet) that BP is able to connect the two claims on behalf of Twitter and Mossad.  
The logic path is as follows: (1) In any American top-tier media organization you are guaranteed to find a Jewish name or two. Thus you have Issac “Biz” Stone, a founding father of Twitter (there are also unconfirmed rumors about Jack Dorsey, another Twitter FF; and finally, Jason Goldman, a heavy-weight alumnus of Twitter is also Jewish).  
(2) Whenever something goes “wrong” in any part of the world, especially in muslim lands or near-abouts, the Jews will be blamed (or at least the Jewish controlled media). 

Consider this representative sample from a Canadian-Muslim author (Rehmat’s world). There is an obligatory Arundhati Roy reference that will please her fans.

The Jewish-controlled mainstream media in the US, Canada, Britain and
Israel is overjoyed at the unexpected “landslide” victory of Narendra
Modi, known as Butcher of Gujrat state
In 2002, Modi, as chief minister of Gujrat state supervised the Hindu
fascists who murdered over 2000 Muslim men, women and children – and
burned Muslim houses, shops and mosques.

The Jewish media, as usual, has portrayed India as the largest
democracy while ignoring the fact that more than half of India’s
population lives below poverty line.
India is also world’s largest arms buyer.
India’s top arms suppliers are Russia followed by Israel and United
States. India-Israel cooperation includes also military exercises,
sharing of intelligence, and joint academic research programs. 

Modi lead anti-Muslim Hindutva racist parties against the ruling
Congress Party. Israeli leaders have maintained very close ties with
Hindu extremist group based on their common hatred toward Islam and
They have great expectations from Modi as the next prime
minister of India against Pakistan, Iran and Hamas. Last year, India’s
Union Home Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, blamed India’s two major opposition parties, Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)
for promoting “Hindu terrorism” via their training camps which teach
Hindus hatred toward Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities. Mossad
agents have visited these camps as instructor.

And finally, the latest “words of wisdom” from
American Jewish writer and blogger Roger Tucker that could be a lesson
for the Indian voters in the future. 
“When the Palestinians do finally return, as
they surely will, I hope for their sake that they expel all the Jews – I
call it the Algerian option. Otherwise, it will be like South Africa,
with the despised Palestinians (except, of course, for the 1%
of quislings at the top) slaving away for their masters.  
We know now
that even a very small percentage of Jews would wind up running the show
and getting fat on the labor of others – just look at the US, the UK,
Canada, Australia, France et al.
Only the direct descendants of the
Palestinian Jews would be entitled to remain.
Listen to Indian author Arundhati Roy explaining why Israelis love Modi.
Incidentally, Rehmat also has strong views on who are the Zionists in Pakistan (not Imran Khan) and also about the past India (as seen by many muslims) as well as the (Modified) future:

….Imran Khan is not a Zionist though he married Lord Goldsmith’s
daughter after she converted to Islam.
Lord Goldsmith is not related to
Rothschild family. However, as a Jewish billionaire, he financed a lot of
Israeli projects. The famous Pakistani Zionists were Sir Feroz Khan Noon and several Qadiani leaders like M.M. Ahmad.

….Al-Hind (India) was creation of 1000 year
Muslim rule. Before Indian sub-continent comprised of over 5000 Hindu
princely states which kept killing each other.
You should read Pandit
Nehru’s book on Indian history. Yes, everyone knows that like United States, Canada is also an
Israeli colony. That’s what Modi is going to accomplished during his
5-year Hindutva rule.

social networking company Twitter is planning to replicate parts of its
India election strategy across countries that go to polls this year,
after it emerged as a key tool for politicians and media companies
during the world’s largest democratic exercise.

In India,
Twitter Inc worked closely with politicians including the victor
Narendra Modi who used the platform for election campaigning, and also
partnered with mobile and media firms to distribute tweets online and

Now, with polling due in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and the
United States later this year, the San Francisco-based company plans to
take its India lessons abroad to expand its foothold in the political
arena and increase its user base.

“The election more than any
other moment provides a nice microcosm of the value Twitter can add …
we are sharing widely the lessons of this Indian election around the
world,” said Rishi Jaitly, India market director at Twitter.

Last week, the company sent its top political strategist to Brazil to
explain the potential of the social network to senators, who are likely
to use Twitter’s six-second video app Vine for campaigning after it was
used by Indian politicians, the company said.

For the US
election, the company has started looking for partners to replicate
their “Tweet To Remember” feature used in India, which enables users to
add the voting date automatically to their mobile calendar using a

Twitter widely emerged as a political tool first during
the 2012 US presidential elections, and then during the Arab Spring
uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East. Today, US president
Barack Obama has more than 43 million Twitter followers. In
India, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) embraced the technology ahead
of rivals, collaborating with thousands of volunteers to spread the
Hindu nationalist leader’s message and counter criticism on the web.

It was the country’s first major Twitter election, and the novelty of
the technology gave an advantage to the politicians who adopted first –
especially the BJP, said Milan Vaishnav of Carnegie Endowment for
International Peace.

“The Indian experience will serve as a
model for other developing countries … In the US, the saturation of
the social media space by all parties may have a cancelling out effect,”
Vaishnav said.

Tech-savvy Modi, who now has 4.3 million Twitter followers, used the
platform relentlessly. He recently tweeted “selfies” and pictures with
his mother. On May 16 he set a Twitter India record with his victory
acknowledgement tweet.

His rivals lagged. A few years before
India’s mammoth election, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor asked Rahul
Gandhi, the lead campaign manager of the now ousted party, to join
Twitter. Gandhi declined.

With about two-thirds of India’s
population under 35, Modi targeted the young and smart by topping up
campaigning with social media, holograms and recorded voice calls.

The potential was, and still is, huge: India has the world’s third
largest internet user base of 239 million and more than 900 million
mobile connections. Many access web on their phones.

reach was not restricted to its estimated 35 million India users, as
nearly 400 multilingual news channels that closely tracked politicians
on the website reached 153 million households, data from TAM Media
Research showed.

Modi, who is due to be sworn in on Monday, has
not let up his Twitter onslaught since the election and like other
global leaders will make the service a central part of his
communications arsenal.

Tharoor, for now, has again advised his
top leadership to adapt to social media platforms as a part of their
renewed strategy to improve communication. “There is no reason
why we should cede that space to the BJP. This is an area in which we
can be just as good,” said Tharoor, who has over 2 million Twitter



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10 years ago

Many wise people have noted the many points of similarity between Pakistan and Israel."

Which wise people and what similarities?

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