Kashmiri students expelled from Meerut

First charged with sedition, now expelled from college. This will create even more bad feelings, in our opinion, young people must be allowed to have their say, else they may go down the path of violence. Post 2014, India and Pakistan must have a public plan for Kashmir, put things down in pen and paper, and reduce tensions and improve commerce. Enough is enough.
10 Kashmiri students caught in a row over cheering for the Pakistani
cricket team have been expelled by a private university here after they
were found guilty of misconduct and damaging property while the
suspension of 57 other Kashmiri students was revoked.

Over two months after a controversy broke out over Swami Vivekanand
Subharti University taking action against students for allegedly
cheering for the Pakistani team, a disciplinary committee set up by the
university found ten students guilty of misconduct and damaging
university property, Vice- Chancellor Prof Manzoor Ahmed said here

However, the committee revoked the suspension of 57 other students.

“The 10 students are writing their exams now. Once exams get over, they will be sent back home,” he told PTI, adding after their exams are over, they will be issued migration certificates.

67 Kashmiri students of the SVSU were suspended after they had allegedly
distributed sweets at the university hostel and cheered for the
Pakistani cricket team’s victory in a cricket match with India on March


The university authorities had set up a disciplinary committee to probe the incident.

The city police even slapped sedition charges on students which was
later withdrawn following widespread criticism, including from Jammu and
Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

The local police is also probing the matter and they have recorded
statements of the university administration and committee members.

Link: http://news.outlookindia.com/printitem.aspx?841687


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10 years ago

Sedition is an idiotic knee jerk charge. But what did these geniuses expect celebrating Pakistan in a university named after the patron saint of Hindu revivalism?
There are idiots and possible traitors but only in thought not in action. Their shunning by the student body is punishment enough . I dont think they should be expelled.

Also @sid rock, whatever Kashmiris think of India ,is it too much to ask that they behave with some basic decency not to mention common sense? What did they expect for their actions- a ticker tape parade?
PS: how come they are somewhat dark? They could pass for Kannadigas or Malayalees

Brown Pundits