The man loved by (all) women

…..”I want to create new Pakistan not only for you
but also for me…once Naya Pakistan becomes a reality, I will
marry”…..62-year-old Khan said to thunderous applause…..
What do women want? Do they blindly, madly fall in love with a 62 year old man, who is still described as a …heartthrob? Your child will be 18 when your man reaches 80!!! We are not ill-wishers of anyone, but what if he does not reach 80? What then??
We are agnostic on the WDWW question, but it is our sense that women want exactly the same things as men. They want power, money, glory (we are talking of ordinary people, not saints). In our opinion, most men want a loving family just as much as women. Once we reach true equality in society we would expect a much higher number of risk-taking, balls-busting women villains (not just the sly, manipulative ones).

But for now, it is a man’s world and the path to glory, money, and power is usually channeled through men. This is perhaps a major reason why women feel attracted to men, especially those who (as they know in their hearts) would not have much time for them, who cannot relate to them, who may like them (as we like any of our possessions) but cannot love them.

Thus a twenty year old girl may not mind marrying a 60 year old man (even if he is married), and dream of having babies and creating a clan where SHE rules (as opposed to the old hag who is unceremoniously pushed off stage).

As for the men…well what can we say? Your ego may tell you that a girl, young enough to be your daughter, loves you for your special qualities…well think about it. Would you marry an old lady for p-m-g (surely there are some men who will do so)? Would you honor her and respect her…and even love her? Could you??

and a heartthrob Imran Khan, who is leading his Tehreek-e-Insaaf party in
anti-government protests here, has said that he will marry once his dream ‘Naya
Pakistan’ was fulfilled.  
his daily nightly address, Khan last night told this to thousands of his
supporters camping in front of parliament, demanding Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif’s resignation.
“I want to create new Pakistan not only for you but also for me because
once Naya Pakistan becomes a reality, I will marry,” 62-year-old Khan said
to thunderous applause.

Khan married British heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 1995 but the marriage flopped
and both agreed to separate in 2004.
They have two sons, Sulieman and Qasim, who live with the mother in Britain.
There are reports that Khan was under family pressure to marry again to put an
end to media speculation and some nasty comments in the social media about his
alleged affairs.
Khan still has kept himself fit and is considered very popular among women.


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