Trevor Noah disses India?

I wrote a rather incendiary post about the whole incident. However I posted it to my private blog as I’m trying to be less polemical. I’m surprised by how unnecessarily “personal” Zainab’s attack on Trevor was but that is a very Muslim thing to do*.

I would have said that he dissed South Asians but the fact is that if one parses his words; it’s directly targeted towards India.

I thought Omar’s analysis was the best I’ve read so far but I disagree with his conclusion. Trevor called the war for Pakistan; in the battle of global perception Pakistan, which is a bankrupt & failed state, has won a huge win as being seen as an equal & rival to economically ascendant India.

When a lion fights with a mouse, he makes the mouse his equal. India managed to do that in the latest round when she should pick her enemies more judiciously.

It really takes a particular type of strategic genius for India to have turned Pakistan back into a Sino-Arab Satrapy, echoing the Achaemenid ownership of the Indus, when it should have been India’s Muslim frontier.

India should have made turned Pakistan into an Austrian Bantustan**, an ineffectual state but exceptional useful respository of pan-South Asian High Culture, the demotic version of which is Hindustani.


*I notice Islam teaches Muslims to go for the jugular. I was writing on my Pakistani whatsapp group that the best we can hope for peace in South Asia is when Vidhi becomes PM of India and automatically one of the Pakistani ladies just lost it and said that Priyanka Gandhi would be a better choice. My friend’s response reminded me of Zainab’s above, typical of the vicious Pakistani psyche; unnecessarily competitive and reductive.

** In fact Nehru could have easily prevented Partition but he wasn’t able to outgame the brilliant but highly devious Jinnah. We forget Nehru was the son of Motilal and inherited his position but that Jinnah was pretty much self-made. It’s amusing that when push comes to shove the Muslim League put its destiny in the hands of converts; Iqbal & Jinnah.

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  1. Its fascinating how much Modi has clawed back into the public perception at least . Something has changed in India, it looks like. But will hold my horses, before changing my opinion that all this war talk will not impact Indian elections. At least in N-India (the India which matters :P)it seems to have given him a edge. Lets wait and watch.

    “It’s amusing that when push comes to shove the Muslim League put its destiny in the hands of converts; ”

    Converts are most time more zealous than others. Because they have to “prove” their loyalty.

  2. To me one of the funniest part of the whole event is the convert “chohans” of supposed rajput clans of Pakistan dissing out hindus and valorizing themselves. I mean, Irony said a final namaste and jumped into the Ganges.

  3. It takes a special kind of twisted deviousness for a nation to brush under the carpet or ignore the sacrifice of one of its own men in uniform (RIP). The tragicomedy of his death notwithstanding, this and more such revelations are turning the PR landscape against janab IK and his Naya Pakistan which sadly is nothing but a repackaged version of the old ghisa-pita Pakistan that we’re used to seeing

    1. The deceased pilot’s name is incorrect in the article. It is Jahaz-ud-din not Shahaz-ud-din.
      I agree with that the deviousness in this is strong.
      Regardless of how much Pakistan tries to hide it’s losses, Indian Patriots like yourself have gotten to the bottom of it and started rallying around their hero Modi. One sacrifice has already been offered for the Modi ji and more will follow

  4. Funny how much detail is parsed out of a short humorous take.
    Lighten up, man. Noah is making lighthearted fun of South Asians not taking some complicated principled stand. Most people in the West dont know enough detail about Pakistan to put a Pakistan-specific colour into such pieces. So everything they say sounds like it is specifically about India.

  5. Partition happened because Vallabhai Patel reckoned India would be better off with much fewer Muslims. Jinnah as much as one can tell, wanted autonomous Muslim-dominated provinces which would still have been able to maintain links with the centres of Indo-Islamic culture in Delhi, Lucknow, Aligarh, Hyderabad etc. What he got was having to make a nation out of the most backward parts of British India that was permanently cut off from the same. Agreed about the Pakistani psyche which can switch from kindness, tenderness and hospitality towards kin to very brutal indifference and savagery to perceived opponents.

    1. I think you give Patel too much credit. Patel was sort of servant of Gandhi in that sense. If Gandhi wanted partition he would go with it, if not he would have gone with that too. (Similar to how after “winning” the PMship of India democratically , he stepped aside for Nehru , on Gandhi’s advice) . His larger than life role really comes forth once he starts to stitch India’s geography, and his sort of communal undertone towards the Muslims only came after the partition was more or less finalized on paper.

      You can read Ambedkar (a staunch anti-congressite) view on Pakistan and what Muslim League really wanted here (written much before 47).

      No body is fooled by this post modern rationalization of partition/Jinaah by Ayesha Jalal and their ilk.

  6. My friend’s response reminded me of Zainab’s above, typical of the vicious Pakistani psyche; unnecessarily competitive and reductive.

    she’s indian tho.

    1. Yup! After a cursory glance at her Twitter feed she seems like a Delhi girl, wishing people happy shivratri and all.

      Those qualities Zach mentioned could equally apply to Delhi people too, lol

      1. i’m sensitive to misidentifications of being pakistani 😉 but it says “india” on her twitter bio. this wasn’t hard 😉

        1. I already knew she was Indian; saw the twitter handle.
          I made a post about it “the part-Pakistanis of India” but decided to private-blog it as I didn’t want to detract from the main thread..

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