Browncast Ep 39: Carl Zha, Pakistan, and China’s demographic crisis

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This episode we talk to Carl Zha (a return guest) about the Pakistani bride controversy and China. A lot of the discussion involves general demographic concerns about Chinese society.

Also, I know that some listeners consider Carl to be a Chinese government operative or plant (at least on Twitter). In which case, we present here a representative here of the Chinese government!

Ultimately the key point for me is to get someone on who can watch the Chinese media, which is totally opaque to me.

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5 thoughts on “Browncast Ep 39: Carl Zha, Pakistan, and China’s demographic crisis”

    1. Considering Shanghai’s ultra-low fertility rate I’m surprised it has the most equal gender ratio of any >90% Han division.

        1. Shanghai receives migrants from all over China. Not only Shanghai, but cities in area around Shanghai all receive influx from places like Sichuan, Jiangxi even Manchuria etc.

    2. When I talk about Chinese Muslims, I am thinking about Ningxia and Qinghai (specifically Chinese speaking Hui Muslims) Xinjiang Turkic Muslim largely unaffected by 1-child policy so yeah

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