Do they even pretend to care about BAME anymore?

I thought the US was a lot more “racially aware” than the UK. I’ve seen countless ads that always put BAME actors in blue-collars roles.

Why didn’t they put a white UBER driver and a black couple in the back? And for those who huff and puff that Art must mirror Life; art never imitates life, have you ever seen an ugly actor? Actors and actresses are order of magnitudes better looking than the rest of the population; it’s a stylised representation of what we want life to be.

In this M&S ad of all the people it’s the black woman who is the tube announcer (the rest are pretty middle class).

I’m not asking for positive discrimination but a little racial sensitivity would go a long way. It’s very obvious that it’s “woke white people” who are making these ads and then completely oblivious to the stakes.

Finally since I’ve been a High Tory all week and my Social Justice Ghazi avatar is kicking & screaming.


As an aside last night’s seminar, Rethinking Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, invited over 25 questions (my battery went to 1% so I only capture 5-10). My question was the only one she couldn’t answer and it was a fairly simply one about the linguistic split between the Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran and whether that would have had ramifications. I was probably one of a handful of Brown people in the seminar.

My point being is that *diversity* is a much abused and tired word but there is merit in having different voices in the room speak up.

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Far more offensive than the use of the Sikh-style turban, is the fact they got a thin and pale looking gora to do the modelling. Seriously?

At least get someone with a proper moustache and beard and the built to go with it to sport the turban… kis lalloo ko ley aaye stage pey!

5 years ago

Bro, its nothing, during the whole Indo China conflict over Doklam , there State TV had Chinese actors play sikhs. Think Chinese sikhs? Blasphemy i say, I mean what’s next ? Xi-Jin-Singh?

5 years ago

In the 1920 a new ladies headgear based on Indian turban was designed. You can see some old ladies with it or in old films

5 years ago

Brits take forced diversity way too far. Even my black friend is weirded out by how every other person of authority in a BBC drama is black.
Also, shouldn’t we be more upset about the implications of Uber quiet over the incidental casting of the add? If you don’t want to talk, just tell the driver so. Letting you do that with a button is just turning your driver into even more of an underpaid unappreciated serf.

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