Browncast Episode 117: Meet the Maheshwaris!

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On this podcast, Razib, Mukunda, and Omar talk to Nikhil M., the cousin of Sima Taparia. Though a younger generation, Nikhil offers up his opinion on how accurately the show depicts Sima (he has met her and their families are close). But a 27-year-old young professional who grew up in California, the conversation ranges widely on topics of relevance to the young and brown.

Also, lots of stuff about Marwaris and the phenomenon of “Indian Matchmaking”.

If you want more podcasting about Indian Matchmaking, please check out Big Brown Army. DeCruz interviews three of the stars, Vyasar Ganesan, Vinay Chadha, and Manish Das.


3 Replies to “Browncast Episode 117: Meet the Maheshwaris!”

  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the podcast. A lot of what Nikhil talked about, especially about how communities think of marriage/intercaste marriage etc, but also some of the stuff about millennial Indian Americans was englightening. And Nikhil talks really well!

    Razib – What is an email where I can contact you about a podcast idea?

  2. Loved it.

    Especially the Amercian born desi woke conversation part. I am on a watsapp group with a bunch of Indian born woke wannabes, and they are losing their shit on ABCD folks being so “traditional”. All this time they have been trying to ape the ABCD and the ABCD just turned out to be a much fitter version of them and not much else. LOL


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