Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto

Every nationality or cultural group should have a song done like this. I’m writing a Substack on Vikings, who were quite nasty in many ways, but popular culture songs like this make them seem “bad ass.”

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  1. Idk, Viking larp unlike a lot of other historical larps comes across as quite cringe. When modern Muslims pretend to be like the Arab or Turkic conquerors, its not as cringe because some of them still go around cutting off the heads of infidels. But when Olaf from Stockholm whose biggest concern is the gender pay gap larps as a badass Viking, it just comes across as extremely cringey. Idk, it all comes down to personal preferences I guess.

    1. Arabs and Turks, other middle easterners and Indians live in active conflict zones. Hence need to keep those fighting skills polished either by actual practice or by lar ping. North euro has recently re – discovered that they are neighbors to warring Slavs. Hence the need to at least keep alive the memory of distant past.
      Not everybody has the luxury of living in a completely neutered neighborhood like America does 😄

      1. Those neutered neighborhoods are just 30 minutes away from ghetto war zones though. On a day to day basis Americans have more need to preserve the historical warrior culture than any Swede lol

        1. The neutered reference was to Latin America and Canada. The ghetto war zones in us and cartels in latam could be outcome of US cutting off the tall poppies?

  2. culture is powerful. i am sure they could become warlike anytime.

    the finns are not Scandinavian, but culturally they are close, and you can ask the russians during ww2 how soft they were…

    1. It’s been over a 1000 years since the Vikings were relevant. And then they were heavily Christianized. The only culture they know now is that of a very deeply embedded peace. Scandinavian men seem the most emasculated men, even the biggest baddest ones exude a lot of feminine energy, big contrast with Russians and some eastern Europeans.

      1. they were were not heavily christianized 1,000 years ago. they were minimally christianized, and sweden barely so. i know this literature well, you got the specifics wrong. please don’t make that mistake again.

        also, a lot of you ppl forget the great northern war in the early 18th century when the Swedish empire collapsed. that’s really the end of Scandinavian vigor.

        that being said, the idea of feminized nordic men isn’t all off…but people forget how conformist nordic ppl are. like Japanese. they can change pretty quick, just like the Japanese did in a generation.

        1. Barely Christian doesn’t seem right. They were deeply Protestant before the mid-20th century. The Pietist movement was very strong there. Now it may be a self selecting group but Americans of Scandinavians descent in the Midwest are still quite Christian. But I don’t think their migration was motivated by religion so the immigrants should have been as religious as the general population of Scandinavia.

          An average peasant in 18th century Sweden would have been a pious Protestant not some crypto-heathan.

          1. i would bet pietism really hit the urban middle class. though the ‘paganism’ of European peasantry after the reformation is overemphasized by some (mostly neopagans)

          2. Wrt to Scandinavia, it’s probably like some modern African Christians who still practice some traditional rituals but if you ask them they will tell you that they are 100% Christian. And as a matter of fact they are probably more devout than Christians in any other parts of the world. But I can imagine a scenario, where Africa is secularized 100 years from now and some of their descendents interested in traditional African religion think African conversion to Christianity was only surface level.

        2. Both Japan and Germany have been heavily neutered by the Americans (this was American policy after WW2 to ensure that they don’t rise up again for WW3 – I cant remember the name of US general who explained this in a talk). This shows in their males now, collapsing birthrates, production of some crazy pornographic materials, overt pacifism, historical guilt etc. Visited Germany several times, seemed like every other building in Berlin has a monument reminding how bad the holocaust was. Like it’s 80 years and 2 generations removed, still feeling collective guilt.

          1. I’ve also been to Berlin many times, and it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. You’re right: There’s a monument commemorating WWII, and the people always seem to apologize about it.

            I think I know why also. The Germans realize that all people hold historical grievances. Heck, in India, the Hindus have tried (they may have succeeded, but I’m not sure) at reclaiming a 500 year old masjid. Similarly, the Germans are terrified of the historical grievances that their killing of 27 MILLION Soviets (only 1 M of these Soviet people were Jewish) has caused, and not to mention the 5 MILLION Jewish people who were not from the Soviet Union. Believe me: The Russians and the Jews will harbor this resentment for thousands of years. So now, the Germans are just in atonement mode. What else can they do to prevent some revenge on them?

    2. Yes, they don’t treat their women like shit. But they seem to have no qualms killing dolphins for fun.

    3. Razib,

      You think they’ll find really really old DNA samples from Bangladesh? like I’m talking really old, nearly 1500 year old genomes? I don’t think there’s ever been much of a strong interest in the stuff from the Bengali authorities but what do you think? The climate is extremely hot and humid and its equatorial so idk. I hope they do.

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