History of Travel in Ancient India and the State of Heritage Tourism in Modern India

On the 22nd Episode of The Indic Explorer Show-my weekly podcast, I spoke to Anuradha Goyal on the History of Travel in Ancient India and the State of Heritage Tourism in India today.

The Indic Explorer YouTube channel focusses on the interplay of Indic culture with modernity explored through different facets in the socio-cultural sphere.

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I do a podcast on YouTube on my channel The Indic Explorer. It is an Indic cultural podcast which focusses on the theme of different facets of Indic culture and its interplay with modernity. Twitter- https://twitter.com/theindicexplor1 Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/theindicexplorer/ Substack- https://digitaldharma.substack.com/

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1 year ago

Im surprised that ancient Indian travelers didn’t write much of their travels. I’d be interested to see how the ancient Indians viewed the outside world by the standards that they had. Also did it seems strange that the language acRoss the Deccan mountains became so different to those people?

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