Is this even “not wrong?”

After my hiatus from BP I also stopped reading the other two blogs I follow (SS & GNXP). I was just wading back into them when I was confronted with the above and below.

I’m not comfortable with anti-Indian sentiments and it’s not only because my wife is Indian but that ultimately Brown has to stand with Brown (colonialism has already divided us far too much).

I don’t have context as I haven’t read the previous posts but I’m not liking the tenor of either the post above or the comment below; am I over-reacting??

I can say what u like about South Asia or even India because to some extent all of us in the blog (even Commentariat) is Indian by way of heritage.

We are the bastard spawn of the Aryan fathers & ASI mothers – well for our beautiful, fair & lovely Brahmins it would only be ASI grandmothers I guess 😉

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    1. Wouldn’t a better label be “Elamite” farmer considering Iran is another name for Aryan..

      I get a bit confused since it’s like saying Turkish farmers settled Europe when we mean indigenous Anatolians..

  1. Yes, we dont have to deal with these people in life. We have to deal with arguments that matter and can affect real change. I am more worried by Cambridge analytica, All signs of congress signing them on are in full display. Right after news of congress meeting with Cambridge analytica came their improved electoral performance in gujarat. Then many riots of various kinds, with congress supporters being the discovered to be the cause. For example , padmavat was opposed by people(karni sena) who were aligned with congress but the criticism went to BJP, they soon supported congress in rajasthan for election. Creating discord as a tool is part of cambridge playbook among others.

    They have created new religion in karnataka “lingayat” with elections coming soon. What we should be really worried about is this. In first past the poll system, a few % can change everything.

      1. Yes. But it cant, generally that is product of some homogeneity like in singapore with majority chinese origin people or with organisation with own military . like china.

      2. Zach, democracy is education. People do get to know about their rights thro’ democracy, as many parties have to compete for votes, they land-up educating the voter. Good democratic education of the population is spoilt by the liberty granted to whoever is in power to be partial. Though it is a pity that it takes longer for the population to be aware of their duties towards the society in a democracy.

        1. To extend the analogy of democracy as education, perhaps its like a graduate degree, and not the best choice for students who’ve yet to complete high school. Or another way of thinking about it, democracy is the character of the system not the design. It can manifest itself in monarchies and or even under authoritarian regimes, and be lacking in parliamentary republics. Problem with a lot of dysfunctional developing societies is a lack of sacred authority. Our ancestors didn’t safeguard their institutions, capable people came an conquered (fair and square) and we still haven’t been able to put the pieces back together, because the social capital to make institutions credible takes more than a couple generations to accumulate.

    1. “They have created new religion in karnataka “lingayat” with elections coming soon.”

      nothing new about it

      1. no govt body should have such power is what I mean. people can self declare as they want, thats up to them, not govt.

        1. agreed, but in reality the govt has that power, and it does classify people and apportion resources accordingly, so as long as thats the name of the game the players will play by those rules.

  2. this isnt about reservation, its about minorities being given rights of autonomy over eduction, places of worship etc which Hindus do not. And lingayats have many schools they operate, according to rte, non minority schools should take in extra students who will be compensated by govt(they dont) as a result the schools cant survive and get closed down in competition. to escape this, it made sense for this community with many schools to instead be declared as minority, same thing was attempted by rama krishna mission many years back.

    1. Indians are seething at the tolerance afforded to their minorities; it’s a dangerous situation. Hope it resolves itself

  3. it isnt about tolerance, its about rights and privileges. If u and I compete, we compete by same rules for both or differential rules?. for example the same rights are not granted to hindus in 8 states where they are minority. how can that be fair?. If u and I have to run schools, but I have to deal with govt and take loss for their delays and compensation as they see fit. It means my school will die, yours can expand.

    1. Yes but the Same thing applies to working class white people in the Anglosphere, who usually do lose out to minorities..

      One must give up something to own the state..

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