Did Islam gain more from its contact with India or Did India gain from its contact with Islam.

  This was done already, but I guess periodical reminders are important. http://www.brownpundits.com/2018/03/08/no-mughals-didnt-loot-india-they-made-us-rich/#comment-5282 Well, all the knowledge on mughals is on display here already. https://twitter.com/pseudoerasmus/status/874818240563863557 “Mughal India was probably one of the most extractive regimes in history ” https://twitter.com/pseudoerasmus/status/890495958424973312 “Shocking # of people believe India’s global share of GDP in 1750 was an indicator of […]

Humanities and sciences

  Where and how did this difference begin, is there anything universal to this or is it due to certain historical condition to how things developed in Europe. The founder of Heterodox Academy Jonathan Haidt gave this talk of incompatible sacred values between truth and social justice. And how the telos of Universities ought to […]

Transnational political campaigns, hacking the elections,organizing riots

In present day world, countries need to deal with technology ,social media, smart phone apps and their capacity to foment trouble in their countries by people outside and inside. This can be used very cheaply to organize protests, campaigns & even organize riots. This begins new era of politics for democracies. The cry of russian […]

artilce in outlook on Islam & reform

https://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/god-is-not-a-khomeini/298043 …An Islamic prototype for free thought and action: Part of the unthought and the unthinkable in Islam is the lesson to be gleaned from the parting of ways between God and Satan, as described in the Quran. When Satan rebelled against God’s command and threatened to lead humanity astray until the day of judgement, […]