Is Pakistan (or Pak sponsored group) responsible for the attacks?

This is not the LOC of the 80s or 90s. India with Israeli know-how has put in place high tech equipment monitoring equipment. Its practically impossible to smuggle men and goods across the LOC without the BSF finding out.

I have Kashmiri friends (Pandits & Muslims) who wouldn’t identify themselves as being Pakistani or Indian.

A friend of mine writes the above. He’s a credible source as he’s a East Asian pilot (half Pak). I was trying to find out more information on whether the top paragraph is true about the flow of men and goods across the LOC.

This doesn’t preclude the possibility of funding crossing the border.

As for the second paragraph I would hazard a pro-Independence Pandit is a bit like a “Palestinian Jew.” Both are naive as the possibilities of Muslim majority countries.

I want to give a personal disclaimer that I find the whole situation absurd. Pakistan needs to just stand down and we need an economically integrated Punjab. But then I see two very intransigent mindsets (oil & water) and without sounding grandiose; I feel I’m am an ambassador to two very alien nations.

The elephant in the room is Islam. People forget that Imran Khan is an extremely liberal Pakistani but even spouts the line of “Madinat Islam.” Mind you I was just the same before my epiphany on Hazrat Asia. Unless Islam is broken in the same way Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism has been; we won’t see resolution in the Muslim world.

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5 years ago

“As for the second paragraph I would hazard a pro-Independence Pandit is a bit like a “Palestinian Jew.”

LOL. We have another one of that lot in deep south. Tam Brahm Dravidian.

“India with Israeli know-how has put in place high tech equipment monitoring equipment. ”

I think this whole India-Israeli thing has taken a life of its own. I mean we want the world to think as if we are like doing all those “hard” stuff like the Israelis , it serves both purpose , animate the left liberals/Pakistan/Kashmiris and excite the right wingers in India. But on ground nothing is happening. India’s border security has improved but its not as impregnable as its claimed( by both sides).

Also i think there is a lot of shadow boxing going around. Pakistani claiming as if “Terrorism! What Terrorism? Never heard of that” and Indians like ” Kashmiris are well treated , there are few bad apples”, i mean come on…

5 years ago

There is no doubt that Jaish is a proxy for the Pakistani Army. One would wish that the Army would abandon proxy war but they continue to use this strategy for their own reasons. Whether the State of Pakistan is directly involved or these terrorist groups have taken on a life of their own is a different question. In any case, there is really nothing India can do about this except cut off diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Any type of retaliatory action risks military escalation between two nuclear states, which no sane person should want.

Indians must realize that there is an internal problem in Kashmir. The suicide bomber was a Kashmiri not a Pakistani. This is a change from the 1990s when militants were mostly of foreign origin. This points to the fact that many Kashmiri Muslims are extremely alienated from the Indian state. Pakistan is definitely fanning the flames but this would not be possible if there was not a pre-existing problem. Threatening Kashmiris in India proper is not going to help the situation.

The only possible resolution to the issue is a negotiated solution to the conflict, not war or terrorism.

As for Imran Khan being “extremely liberal”, there are many who would contest that. He is a center-right politician who presents himself as a born-again Muslim. He is going to toe the Army’s line on foreign policy issues.

Finally, on “Islam being broken”, this is a political and nationalistic conflict and it is better to leave religion out of it.

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