Statistics on Asian American interracial marriage statistics

I really don’t know what to make of some of the contentions in Zach’s post below, What’s wrong with fetishizing white men? (also, posting videos which Hindi means I have no idea specifically what is going on in the video) Some of this is probably due to differences between the UK and the USA. But there are some statistics from the 2010 USA Census.

The website Asian Nation has tabulated the outmarriage rates by generation (foreign-born vs. US-raised) and various Asian American ethnicities. You can see the results below as I’ve repackaged them to focus on inmarriage of various subgroups, stratified by sex.

Some notes

1) “Asian Indian” only includes people who are Indian nationals or whose ancestors were from the Republic of India. It excludes other South Asian nationalities (I am not “Asian Indian” for example). But since other South Asian nationalities are a very small number in the USA I think that’s fine.

2) The statistics are generated from subsamples of the Census. I would be a bit cautious on outmarriage rates for groups like Asian Indians and Koreans where in 2010 the number of those born or raised in the USA was still rather small compared to the foreign-born/raised population. One reason Indian Americans showed extremely low outmarriage rates in the early 2000 Census results is that there was a massive swell of immigration in the Clinton era from Indians, so the foreign-born immigrants overwhelmed the signal.

3) Both the Japanese and Chinese have multi-generational communities in the United States. There are large numbers of highly assimilated Japanese and Chinese Americans whose roots in East Asia are as far back as their grandparents, or even earlier. I think it is noticeable that there is sex balance here.

4) I know a lot of you like bullshitting. I will be doing other things for a while so not monitoring comments much. But if I come back and have to see 1,0000-word personal thoughts which are factless and emotional I will just delete them, even if you are a long-time commenter.

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  1. “(also, posting videos which Hindi means I have no idea specifically what is going on in the video) ”

    Did you watch AOC’s bengali video?

    BTW does anyone know when and why did this whole “My name is xxx and i approve this message.” thing start with political videos?

    1. Saurav,

      The “I approve this message” thing is a requirement of the McCain–Feingold Act from 2002.

    1. i know all the dating studies. they’re persuasive in their context (i have some qualms about ‘real world’ implications, but i think they get at something there too)

      where is that data from for the first image? i trust the ACS, but you have to recompile the microdata so i wanna know who did that.

      also, i am 90% sure that the adoption of asian girls is skewing some of these observations on marriage:

  2. i know that twitter use (not noah). so probably legit. will have to pull the more recent ACS myself and see what the trends are

  3. When a European woman moves to Asia she may incline to marry a local man, the reason being that she wants life easier for her children.

  4. yeah. i have listened to white women who move to japan or korea talk, and they talk about they have problems dating local men (who avoid them?). really confused.

  5. I remember a white (missionary) American girl complaining to me in Phnom Penh that there were no men to date. The expat men though of course had no problem.

    In contrast to Uganda (where I lived) where an English photographer I knew was clicking white girl-local guy couples at a rate of 3-1.

    Incidentally in Uganda there was also heavy mixture between local women and foreign men (the women from West Uganda, bordering Rwanda, are said to be particularly beautiful and are strikingly featured).

    But the disparity between Asia and Africa was interesting to note..

    Also as an one English chap told me in Kampala it was always the “heavy-set girls” who went for the local guys.. lol

    1. The difficulty white women face (according to your episodic evidence) in dating non-white men in foreign countries is probably the flip side of the differential frequency of non-white women marrying white men in the US.

      The natural expectations of “power” between men and women seems like the obvious explanation. All the rest (misogyny, patriarchy, equality, compatibility etc.) are the fictions we tell ourselves to justify what our animal selves have already decided.

    2. But Africans, Arabs (Indians?) like some meat on their women.
      So maybe the Africans and Arabs go for the “heavy set”.

    1. Arjun, I don’t understand what you are saying.

      “power” differentials? Modern liberal arts academia does not understand what power is.

    2. Just saying women (on average) prefer high(er) status males. Men are uncomfortable with females of higher status than their own. Social status is correlated with skin colour.

      This explains why non-white women seem to outmarry at a higher rate and also perhaps why non-white men are reluctant to pair with white women especially in their own countries. The remark about ‘heavy set’ girls explains the apparent exceptions to the rule (white women of compromised status ‘lowering’ their expectations).

      All of this is very cynical and yes, there are always honourable exceptions to stereotypes.

      1. the american data is clear: white women pair up preferentially with black men and hispanic men to asian men. is it because black men are more powerful than asian men?

        these generalizations are interesting frameworks, but i don’t think they explain as much as we think… probably because there are situational factors which overwhelm the underlying signal, which is likely there

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