Synopsis of Afghan War and Consequences

The Big Picture Jimmy Carter the good Christian in 1979 started a policy in Afghanistan that birthed Islamic Extremism and worldwide destabilization that still continues to this day.  Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski funded (over a USD billion) and armed mujaheddin (jihadists) who would later become the Taliban. (Operation Cyclone) Fast […]

Koneswaran, Tenavaram Temples and God Upulvan

This posted started off as a reply to Siddarth’s comment and his visit to two temples in Sri Lanka. First, three old Sinhala words out of many. Gokkana, DeviNuwara, Upulvan Gokkana. The old Sinhala name for Trincomalee. Trincomallee is Derived from the recent name, Tri-Kona-Malaya. Malaya (=Malai in Tamil) is an old word used for […]

The Crusades, Wootz/Damascus Steel, Pandanus and Dumbara Mats,

A post connecting three kinds of Pandanus, a beautiful blue flower, color of Buddhist priest Robes, Dumbara Mats, Wootz/Damascus Steel and Tenuous thoughts to the Crusades Sri Lanka has three kinds of Pandanus commonly known and used and a beautiful third plant, with beautiful blue flowers. Rampe| රම්පෙ| Pandanus amaryllifolius Kora-Kaha |කොරකහ| Memecylon umbellatum Wetakeyiya […]

Sri Lanka: post 1948, Economy and China

Some snippets on Economy, Population.   The seeds for the darkest years of our history were being laid.   China was lending a helping hand, and India was backstabbing Sri Lanka by training the LTTE. Sri Lankas population was approx 7 million in 1948 By 1971 had increased 12 million (70% increase) Until 1967 or so […]