Little Satan sends love (not Great Satan)

Ho ho ho, it is 7pm Indian Standard Time and Washington is still silent (and angry).

OTOH, Netanyahu did call and pay his respects. David Cameron has mailed a personal invite to visit Britain, so has Tony Abbott in Australia. But the USA is still struggling for a response. This is speculative fun for layman like us, sure, but probably tense times for people who want US-India ties to prosper (between govt, not between people which will be strong always).
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif telephoned Modi and congratulated him on his resounding victory in the elections. He informed Modi that he had followed the General Election closely, and invited him to visit Pakistan in future. On his part, Modi told Sharif that during the campaign, he had emphasized the need for India and Pakistan to fight poverty.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa congratulated Modi on achieving
a great victory. He expressed hope that India and Sri Lanka will work
closely and further strengthen their strong ties.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, also called
Mr.Narendra Modi to congratulate him on his victory in the General
Election. He said that he is looking forward to working with Mr.Modi and enhancing bilateral cooperation between Israel and India.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot expressed the hope that
Australia and India will work closely to further strengthen the
bilateral relationship during Modi’s stewardship of the Indian
He said that he was looking forward to meeting Mr.Modi during the upcoming G-20 summit to be held in Australia.

British Prime MInister David Cameron congratulated Mr.Modi on his
emphatic electoral victory. He extended an invitation to Modi to visit
UK on his way to the BRICS summit to be held in August, 2014 in Brazil. He said that he was looking forward to meeting Mr.Modi at an early date. (ANI)



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