The Chibok Christians must convert (or die)

As they say in the liberal circles, Boko Haram seems a bit outlandish, even by the high standards that the jihadists have set for themselves. It is quite possible (as liberals see it) that this is a neo-con plot to gain hold of African resources (ahead of China) by fomenting warfare – Nigeria turned into Afghanistan – as per that memorable phrase deployed in the Guardian.

After having separated facts from hysteria what seemed like utter madness appears to be not so mad, quite normal in fact. Boko Haram is merely following in the foot-steps of giants in (recent) history. When the Pandits were kicked out of Kashmir, the message from their neighbors was short and simple: leave with all you have, leave your girls behind.

Borno state in Nigeria is majority Muslim. Chibok however is a majority Christian community. The girls participating in Western/Christian education were mostly Christian (as per the Christian Association of Nigeria). There were a few muslim students as well, presumably the ignorant parents liked the idea that the girls were studying some useful stuff beyond islamiyat.

All in all it is clear that Boko Haram wants to establish a pure Sharia state which (1) should be populated exclusively by muslims of the right sort (beliefs), (2) girls should only study the holy books, (3) infidels (especially girls) must be converted by persuasion and/or force. 

This is standard issue public policy as practiced in many Islamic nations and if polled would probably attract upwards of 70% (super-majority) of the public in its favor.
A Nigerian evangelist said that most of the 200 plus schoolgirls
kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram are Christians,
which he says is
further evidence of the militant Islamists’ specific targeting of
followers of Christ.

“Chibok local government is 90% Christian.
Majority of the girls abducted are Christian! Why did Boko Haram visit
Chibok local government? Why didn’t they visit so many other local
government girls secondary schools in Borno State?” asked Evangelist
Matthew Owojaiye of the Old Time Revival Hour Church in Kaduna, who
compiled a list of 180 kidnapped girls who have been identified,
International Christian Concern shared.

Of those, Owojaiye identified that 163 are Christian girls, and 15 are Muslims.


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