Mein Kashmiri Brahmin hoon

His accent is obviously spot on; the fact that he’s Australian and has an American accent is a good example.

I find the Coloniser privilege in this video to be a bit OTT. Imagine if it was a black man speaking perfect Hindustani; there’d really be no interest. All a white man has to do is master the accent and then he can pass off as Kashmiri Brahmin; one of the “highest” stratas in Indian society.

It’s interesting that with Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle; British society is really going the other way. The Royal Family, which is emblematic of privilege, is now connecting across the races and generations towards a new identity. It may very well be that the King George’s future Royal Cousins wouldn’t even be able to pass for Kashmiri Brahmins (they would be upto 25% Afram so who knows what they’d look like).

How many Desi parents would accept Meghan Markle for a Bahu?

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  1. Desi parents would have had a heart attack if their son brought home Ms. Markle. Her race would have been the main issue and then the fact that she is older than her husband and also divorced (therefore not a virgin). She would have been totally rejected by any rishta auntie within 30 seconds.

    Contrast with how carefully it was determined that Lady Diana Spencer was a virgin before she was even presented as an option to Prince Charles. The Windsors have certainly evolved.

    1. Supposing a desi-american guy met her in medical school or a top law school, I can see acceptance. That said, in the examples I have in mind where this has happened, the black parent-in-law was extremely well educated and of a higher social status than the indian in-laws.

      1. Yes, absolutely. If the potential black in-laws were like President and Mrs. Obama there would not be an issue.

      2. girmit and Kabir, I would like to say such acceptance is rarely unreserved. It is always like they are making an exception in a patronizing way.

      3. I also think the apprehensions about black son-in-law would be different than for daughter-in-law. In the former case, the fear from traditional parents might also be that black dudes don’t have a good track record for sticking it out, so they look for extra proof of stability. Unfair perhaps, but its their kid they are looking out for and political correctness matters little at such times.

  2. Zach: “How many Desi parents would accept Meghan Markle for a Bahu?”
    Kabir: “Desi parents would have had a heart attack if their son brought home Ms. Markle…”

    Kabir, I fully agree with you on this. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately this is a truth of Desi parents. No black people. In the Bollywood movie “Fashion”, Priyanka Chopra reaches her lowest point after she sleeps with a black man. Blacks are seen as sub-human. We are a very racist group of people despite being exposed to Western values.

      Even within Pakistanis, everyone wants their son to have a “gori” bride. Otherwise, you have dark children and that’s enough to give anyone a heart attack… (Though if the boy is dark but has a good job, no one really cares).

  3. Zack Zavid, beautiful post. I can’t help but fall in love with Australian Kashmiri “Pandit”.
    Miss slapstik so much 🙁

    I am so sad about the way many Asian (Arab, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay included) parents would regard Meghan Markle as a potential daughter in law 🙁

    At the same time almost any Asian parent would jump for joy if their son brought home Meghan Markle’s royal princess daughter or Sasha/Malia Obama. What rank hypocrisy!
    Arya is based not on dna but on culture. For example, Russell Brand and Farhan Qureshi are Arya.

    1. Sasha and Malia are American Royalty! Who wouldn’t want to marry into the Obama family? I miss President Obama more and more everyday (it’s going to be a long time till 2020).

  4. girmit is right. There is also a fear that daughter in laws of African ancestry might not stick it out. Currently 77% of African American households are led by a single woman and African Americans have a 76% divorce rate. African American females initiate divorce the vast majority of the time (females in general are more likely to initiate divorce).

    Most African Americans I know (left, center, right) get this completely and don’t feel offended by this. In fact they bring this up on their own and despair over it.

    The post modernists have tried long and hard to destroy African language, culture, values; and the African family. It is disgusting. People around the world of African ancestry are starting to fight back much the way Asians and Latin Americans are.

    African males are often deeply insulted and stigmatized in the African American community if they marry a non black female (Kanye for example). By contrast black females are free to marry non African Americans. Part of the issue I have repeatedly been told is that there are twice as many African American female college graduates as African American male college graduates.

    For this reason it is far more likely that an African American female would want to marry a Desi than an African American male.

    1. In the video he says that when he’s in India he passes off as Kashmiri Brahmin because his Hindustani is so spot on and people get curious.

      On second thought the Ozzie guy seems quite a nice chap; looking to start his new life in India etc. In fact the Indian-American girls questioning him have much poor Hindustani skills (drawback of the diaspora)..

      Also Kalki Koechlin & Sonia Gandhi make very good attempts at being Desi and there are a couple of Hindu Punjabis I know who are basically European looking. It’s not a hard and fast rule per se but the difference between Katrina Kaif and her sis Izzy Turcquotte (she’s not a Kaif but uses the name) is very clear..

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