Sheryl Sandberg desi lookalike speaks out against Trump

I was stirred by Rep. Jayapal’s evocative speech on the ongoing child separation crisis on the US border:

However what struck me as well is that her unique facial structure essentially makes her the coloured doppelgänger of a rather well-known liberal billionairess and advocate.

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5 years ago


What do you make of this

It claims the numbers more or less mirror Obama’s tenure.

5 years ago

Zach the only places in the world with high fertility are Arabia and parts of Africa. Everywhere else doesn’t have enough fertility.

“Europe and the US to create soft protectorates in failed countries to stem immigration.” What countries do you consider to be “failed”? Most illegal immigrants don’t come from failed countries but are economic migrants.

I support large scale foreign aid, free trade, free services, free cross border R&D collaboration, free capital, free labor (who are strongly vetted for crime and Jihadism) to rapidly develop countries with decent leaders.

But this doesn’t solve the problem of “failed countries”. How to fix them? Three examples were:
-2003 Iraq [Iraq is rapidly improving now; but the cost of achieving this was high]
-2001 Afghanistan [lots of progress relative to 2001 . . . but it is all meaningless until Afghan Pakistani relations improve]
-1994 Haiti [mostly failure]

Solving failed states is hard.

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