Love is love

I’m adding a few more thoughts here on the Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas nuptials. This is called GUTS.Priyanka Chopra is inviting a host of Hollywood biggies for her wedding celebrations at Umaid Bhavan this December.Guess the number of Bollywood biggies at the function?NONE! — Soumyadipta (@Soumyadipta) November 29, 2018 I am proud of Priyanka […]

A few random notes on gallantry awards (British Indian Army)

From an email from Dr Hamid Hussain. Also sheds some light on the cultural knowledge expected of British-Indian army officers.. Gallantry Awards:  Gallantry awards are always controversial depending on the perch from where you are looking at.  Many gallant deeds go unnoticed as there was no witness or Commanding Officer (CO) didn’t initiate his report […]

Post Modernism (c) Camille Paglia says (as Jordan Peterson nods along) that Post Modernism is a rejection of: 1960s radicalism (few radicals have gone to graduate school) India, Hinduism, consciousness, psychedelics genuine multiculturalism the body and sensory experience What are everyone’s thoughts on the psychological basis of Post Modernism? Post Modernism (b) Post Modernism (a) Intellectual Dark […]

Shame on Pakistan- 10years on from 26.11; In Memoriam.

Vidhi observed a minute’s silence, as she mentioned at Friday’s dinner, the Pakistani attack on India on 26.11 was when India & Indians forever distrusted Pakistan. When police asked Kasab what he understood about jihad, Kasab told the interrogators “it Jihad is about killing and getting killed and becoming famous.” “Come, kill and die after […]

When myth becomes reality

Netflix now has Arjun: The Warrior Prince on its stream. I watched most of it to get a feel for some of the details of the story. I know the general outline of the Mahabharata, but I know the Bible or the Iliad far better (in case you can’t be bothered to follow the link, […]