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I’m adding a few more thoughts here on the Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas nuptials.

I am proud of Priyanka Chopra and what’s she managed to accomplish (Quantico, Royal Wedding Invite, Met Gala, Nick Jonas).

I believe she’s an emancipated Desi woman who has broken the back of the Patriarchy by marrying a white celebrity 10years younger to her.

She is also one of the few Bollywood celebrities who arguable could have gotten married in Italy but chose India because she’s a proud Indian!

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  1. Not to rain in your parade , but i feel its a bit naive to think that the choices have some deeper meaning to it. Sometime choices are just choices. And apart from the marrying the 10 years younger someone i feel all the others are not as ground breaking. After walking out of a Salman Khan’s movie , your Bollywood career is essentially dead . She would essentially become the upgraded Freida Pinto now in Hollywood.

    Marrying a white guy isnt as revolution , considering more than half of India would want to marry someone white (marry black and then you see what’s in store for you). She also does not come across as some sort of nationalist type to choose to marry in India, none of Indian stars are. By definition they live in liberal island called Bollywood which just happens to be in India. And they use the nationalist trope to rake in the moolahs because they know how gullible the Indian masses are. Cant do anything shit about Pakistan, lets at least make a movie about how we are going to do it. LOL.

    1. To be fair to PC, she does seem more in touch than most other stars. Could be her diverse upbringing (Jamshedpur, Barreily, US etc).
      Most ‘A-list’ Bollywood stars can’t do a half-decent Hindi accent.

      I remember in the last episode of Koffee with Karan, KJo slyly bitching about how he is not invited to her wedding.

      1. Could be her diverse upbringing (Jamshedpur, Barreily, US etc).

        These places are all very different, you know. I’ve lived in two of them (not the middle one.)

        My point is: I’m not sure what you mean by “in touch.” Jamshedpur is highly cosmopolitan by Indian standards; neighborhoods tend to be very mixed, with no real ethnic/regional concentrations anywhere (though Biharis and Bengalis predominate.)

      1. I mean like what did you really expect in India? “Fuck Modi” posters carried by SRK or something?

  2. “Broken the back of the pariarchy by marrying a …”

    Could you be a little more dramatic ? 🙂

  3. being a mind reader, hmmm. Not a good idea. some can say she is supporting white patriarchy and racism through her choice and also she did a fair and lovely ad. As to her not inviting anyone from bollywood, I think things fell apart for some reason there. Finally on her marrying someone 10 yrs younger. It means he will have choices much after her, a point to you is that many actress now are marrying white folk, celina jaitley, shriya saran, ileana d’souza, prinyanka chopra, all Within about 4-5 yrs?. So there is that as well.

  4. One doesn’t smash brown patriarchy by marrying white, since white is above brown in the scheme of things.

    Neena Gupta is the one that smashed brown patriarchy back in the 80s by having an out of wedlock child with a married black man (Viv Richards).

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