Why is India allowing foreign missionaries?

Of course I’m sympathise with this earnest young missionaries passing however why is India allowing missionaries into the Andaman Islands.

We all know that the history of contact with Native people is fraught with danger (for the Natives). India has a moral responsibility to perhaps generationally introduce improvements into the Andaman Islands.

My worry with this globalised and interconnect world is that it is rapidly becoming homogeneised. The rights of the individual are morphing into constantly aspirational consumers. Initially we were more worried about the “McDonaldisation” of the world but when that’s halted (local cuisines are pushing back) we are now having “Twitterisation” instead.

The Ugandans have a notoriously homophobic culture. However their larger pilgrimage site, Namogongo (it was the local religious site for the 5 neighbour countries, people would try to walk there from DRC even) revolves around the story of 3 young Christian martyrs in the late 19th century.

These 3 boys had recently become Christian and the Kabaka of Baganda (King of Uganda) wanted to “know them” as was his right. Since their faith prohibited illicit sexual relations they refused their king and were martyred accordingly.

150years later the West condemns Uganda for its attitude towards homosexuality. As so many Ugandans used to say that homophobia was brought on by Western missionaries who tried to straitjacket a fairly fluid sexual culture.

In much the same way the Jack Dorsey tweet is a way to undermine the essential nature of Indian civilisation. We will never escape caste (our genetics are rooted in the original genesis and the consequent branching) but the best we can do is harness its positive externalities.

It’s the same distinction between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism is to love one’s own, national is to love it to the exclusion of another. The more Indians try to suppress caste the more it will rear it’s uglier side.

For instance on Saturday’s round table, the highly educated and refined moderator exclaimed “I’m upper caste it doesn’t mean I can speak for Dalits.” This humble brag is persistent to upper caste Indians they will almost make sure you know what their status. It’s in very poor taste of our refined moderator to drop in caste status since such distinctions are lost in the West any way.

As Razib & I discussed in the podcast; the West still has a “one drop rule.” The tiniest sliver of Brown makes you Brown regardless of the shade and hue. Indians have to engage with caste in a positive manner rather than try to abolish and struggle with the consequences.

We see the exact same paradoxes with “woke white people.” The reason that I will rant about them (Jack D is almost a poster child) but not Donald Trump (on a personal note I find DT fairly downmarket but not necessarily offensive) is that woke whites (who I like to call Colonisers) want to adopt the mantle of an Elder Race. But most of the time woke whites are necessarily successful, rich or smart the only privilege they are really rely on for their voice is their colour.

On the other Conservative white people (I don’t see them as Colonisers) are open and honest about their heritage and don’t claim to be super-human. The problem with wholeness is that it’s ultimately claiming those Brooklyn gentrified have a moral mandate that subsumed all of humanity. It’s this neo-Puritanism that is driving Western culture off the cliff (and is trying to get others to do the same notable the Sino-Islamic stays out of it).

The gender debate is a great example of this; it’s become so toxic that nobody wants to challenge the prevalent new orthodoxy. I’m extraordinarily sympathetic to the rights of Hijra’s (I don’t know a better term for them) and would like them to be protected by society for humane reasons. However I would like genders norms and family to be society’s default expectation of any one individual. This is an increasingly controversial paragraph to write and I’m only protected because as a Brown man, Woke whites can’t attack me (people of colour are hapless innocents) and furthermore aren’t particularly interested in my opinion as they are too busy sticking to the Man.

ERG Tories led by Jacob Rees-Mogg. Conservatives not Colonisers.

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  1. There is no provision for India to stop them by laws I think is the answer. Though not sure of laws regarding andamans.

  2. Apparently it was illegal and the people (fishermen) who led this guy to the island have been arrested.

    (Steve Sailer is all over this, with his usual shtick about how this illustrates the natural inclination of people not to like immigrants. Or something.)

  3. The issue is not even that this individual is trying to spread Christianity; the issue is that he spreads some diseases like measles or chickenpox that can wipe out the tribe that has been around 50 K years in the island. There is no real way for India to stop this without a naval patrol boat circling the sentinel island around the clock. There is a buffer zone since 1996 but hard to enforce it, as fishermen are present all the way to the edge of the zone between June and December, the monsoon season.

  4. Zach, as a free society with relative freedom of speech, assembly, association and religion, India cannot stop foreign ministries who obey the laws of India from coming to India and proselytizing.

    What India perhaps can do is limit their ability to get a tax deduction for that portion that is used for proselytizing versus charity. As well as charge them a tourist export tax so to speak on that portion of foreign money they use for proselytization versus charity. And legally require them to make public what portion of donations (foreign and domestic) they are using for proselytization versus charity. Enforcing these regulations will be challenging to say the least.

    ” This is an increasingly controversial paragraph to write and I’m only protected because as a Brown man, Woke whites can’t attack me (people of colour are hapless innocents) and furthermore aren’t particularly interested in my opinion as they are too busy sticking to the Man.”

    Zach, non muslim Asians are not considered “people of colour” (Queens english spelling) anymore. Rather many caucasian post modernists fear the rise of the rest and the rise of Asia.

    “People of colour” = LBTGQ + Subsahharan Africans + muslims + aboriginals/native peoples (but only ones who can prove a large percentage of ancestry . . . which the vast majority cannot)

    Asians are not people of color. Most people in Latin America or of Latin American descent are considered oppressors and are not considered people of color either.

    The only countries in Latin America that are not considered oppressor imperialist hegemonic exploitative oppressive states by post modernists are Cuba, Venezuela.

    At least in California, the fact that the US only has 16% of global income, a comparable percentage of global wealth, and America’s share is rapidly dropping, is increasingly known among caucasian post modernists. This is why they de-emphasize anti Americanism and rather emphasize anti whiteness and anti Asianness. Who they see as the joint global elite and joint global oppressors.

    The most protected class in the world is LBGTQ. No one, not subsahharan African females or muslim females are allowed to criticize LBGTQ. This is why in America at least, we have started to see a growing backlash against Linda Sarsour and other crypto Islamist muslims among post modernists caucasians. This is also why in America at least, caucasian post modernists do not like Hamas and the Ikhwan (muslim brotherhood).

    America saw a major surge in crazy Islamist love in 2016 and 2017 among post modernists. But this is now receding across the American post modernist scene.

  5. At the end it boils down to politics. The more Christians there are, the less the demographic heft of the Hindu right, so all secular/atheist/Dravidian/left wing politicians and parties tactically encourage it. It goes up and down, during the Congress era it increases then BJP comes and clamps down on it. And thus the cycle continues.

  6. “Indians have to engage with caste in a positive manner rather than try to abolish and struggle with the consequences.” — All that’s needed is a constutional change. That’s all. :).

  7. Imagine if Kabir were to come out and say, “In much the same way Zach’s tweet is a way to undermine the essential nature of Islamic civilisation. We will never abandon the sanctity of the prophet, but the best we can do is harness its positive externalities.”

    Caste isn’t as bad as murdering someone for making a joke, but you’re still trying to set something up as beyond criticism. If a white person can’t criticize caste, then what right do you have to criticize backwards views among Muslims?

    1. Until Asia Bibi that was my exact view on Islam. It’s only when I was betrayed on the Asia Bibi issue that I’ve taken such a strident view against Islam.

      The Mughals were fratricidal and fanatical but I dwelt on their beauty and hedonism.

      If a Hindu were to defend untouchability I’d then tell them to fuck off but we are talking of ways to preserve the cohesiveness of caste as a way to offset the illeffects of extreme capitalism.

      Mental illness in the West is on the rise (observational) and a lot of the issues stem (IMHO) from the extreme loneliness people feel here.

      1. Hi Zack:

        Can you provide any literature or other evidence than observational on:
        1.Mental illness in the West is on the rise
        2. such mental issues stem from extreme loneliness.

        My daughter is studying psychiatry, and while she is not able to find any statistics re 1, she says that the second is more dangerous prescription, i.e, loneliness causes mental illness, or a cure for mental illness can be found by avoiding loneliness. There are several causes of mental illness (even in “eastern” countries), and loneliness or the lack of it has no impact on mental illness.

        A certain level of rigor and truthfulness always helps.

        1. I caveat it as observation. These are my opinions not doctrine (yet).
          I think everyone needs community and caste can be a great positive community.
          A bit like patriotism/nationalism. Everyone needs a nation and it’s good to love your nation..

          I’m allowed my opinions; this is not an academic space. I leave the deep thinking to my wife (also a V from Chennai)


          1. That I would be a cohort of Mrs.Zack is well established. Ask her to share her Gaussian code on GitHub. I believe went to high school with some of her relatives.

    2. Nothing is above criticism from anyone. White folks have criticized caste and will continue to. The question is to be honest about it. Like Ambedkar was, without caring who is going to alienate and all. This whole white woke “We criticize caste-but not too much, lest we alienate our Indian allies who vote against right wing” or ‘We are criticizing Brahminism, not Hinduism, look i celebrate Diwali, not a bigot” impresses no one.

    1. The Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India has issued a RFI for a drone to count sentinelese and other remote Indians in 2021, with the hope that they will step outside and see the drone. I was hoping that the Sentinelese live at least until then, and these dumbasses happen.

  8. At least, our hope is fulfilled, it wasn’t Rob. I didn’t know if these islands are close to Byzantine postmodernists frontiers where he was sniffing recently…

    “Patriotism is to love one’s own, national is to love it to the exclusion of another…”

    That is the globalists’ definition which was mentioned by Makron couple days ago during the marking 100 years of WW1. Nationalism is the greatest enemy of globalists because it prevents them from meddling in other states affairs. They need world without borders what enable them to spread their hegemony. Because of this even Trump is for them nationalist and the whole this movement to impeach him since his inauguration is inspired by this. They make pressure on all countries to remove national contents from their education and culture, Serbia was even bombed with the same justification, primarily to give example for everyone else who think about own national interests.

    The classic definition is related to the distinction between nationalism (patriotism) and chauvinism.

  9. doesnt sit well with catholic church and the rapes of little boys. In this case, one wonders for how many centuries was this going on.

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