Why has Imran Khan aged so badly-

In the top photo he’s with Sheikh Zayed of the UAE. This is them in the 70’s. Imran these days looks so haggard and old especially in comparison with his dashing younger self.

The Emir on the end pretty much looks the same; in fact looks even better since he’s more au fait.

Unfortunately for Imran; I think he became a born-again Muslim a little too late for his own good. There’s obviously been a lot of sharab in his wilder days and god knows what else.

It’s part of the reason as to why I have such a visceral dislike of substances; they can age you really quickly. Black don’t crack but brown also has pretty amazing staying power.

That’s why when I see Indians boast about how much they drink I tend to roll my eyes. Alcohol is no great panacea and instead for Brown people we must guard against weight gain. I wonder if there is salient Vedic wisdom on staying young as long as possible.

I do notice that as one ages sleep is increasingly an issue. Our 9-5 industrialised tempo with some leisure time thrown in after doesn’t make for long and conducive rest periods, which is necessary to our psyche and well-being.

It may sound controversial but I imagine the outbreak of depression and mental illness probably has some simple solutions. There was big news over the weekend that 17 children (most of them autistic or on the spectrum) have transitioned at a single school.

I may sound a bit old-school here but I suspect there’s a deep spiritual malaise in the West that’s almost consuming it. It’s why poorer nations aren’t necessarily unhappier ones; there’s much to be said for spiritual and social solidarity once basic fundamental needs & wants are met.

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5 years ago

Happiness is a state of mind. Be happy for no reason at all.

5 years ago

On the part about the industrial lifestyle and substance abuse in the recreation time involving alcohol, I’d also add coffee abuse during the 9-5. College kids nowadays and fresh hires out of college I see hooked on these 4 hour energy drinks.

5 years ago

I think genetics and sunlight play a role.

I have been drinking and smoking since the age of 14, other than a 10 year hiatus (1990-2000). While in the US (25 years) a good 10 cups of coffee while at work. When at home where I have to make it (and pay for it, maybe 1 or 2 cups).

I binge drink, i.e. 750 ml of Rum/Arrack 35% over about 6 hours say at the min about once a week. Last 10 years in US, 6 bottles of beer a day minimum to get over the tediousness of corporate work.

I have paid for it health, was over weight 200 lbs (90.7 kg) at 5’4″ and diabetic in 2012. 3 years of outdoor agriculture work (4-6 hours/day), no shirt or hat and in the sun. Weight down (about 160 lbs) and dont take any meds for diabetes.

Thats said I dont look to bad, dont seem to have aged as much as some of my contemporaries. The avatar is from about 2 years ago.

Apparently my two grandfathers were party animals too. Father was an absolute teetotaler, just drinking once a week, the sip communion wine at church. Maternal grandfather stopped booze and poker parties when he was around mid 50’s. Worked till his dying day aged 84 as a surveyor. Was putting on his boots to go to work and collapsed of an heart attack.
Paternal grandfather was Provincial administrator (1900’s to around 1950), so a lot walking. Evenings at the club playing tennis and boozing. He too lived till 80.

Yeah, for south Asians we cant be fair and lovely, and at the same time happy and healthy. We need a lot of sunlight.

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