PewDiePie is Coloniser Trash

PewDiePie Concedes YouTube Defeat to T-Series, Takes a Dig at India

Maybe he should do us all a favour and do what his fellow countryman Avici did a year back (and seems to be a Scandinavian trait).

  • “Guess to beat one Swedish boy you need a billion Asians.”
  • “All it took was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood.”
  • He then tries to allege corruption of T-Series (second 48-1.10). Usual coloniser tactic when they get jealous of Brown Success (as though they didn’t simply rape and conquer the world).
  • He then calls Bangladesh, Indian, which of course is not an insult but is a deliberate ignorance (Bangladesh fought a long and bloody war to be considered it’s own 1971 nation).
  • Minute 2:02 he refers to defecation assuming a joke on India’s open defecation rates.
  • Then he dares to have the temerity to educate South Asians, who are probably the world’s greatest wordsmiths on the distinction between defamation and defecation. To paraphrase they were savages while we were busy composing the Vedas and the Avestas not to mention the Quran, which probably has no literary equivalent the world over (Muhammad may have been a sick pedo but he seemed a pretty decent poet).
  • Did you know that Indians have poo-poo in their brains?
  • Then some long orange haired junkie sings, How about next you figure out how to fix the caste system?
  • Maybe all those ads will solve your crippling poverty.

India should revoke all Swedish visas to India immediately and force the Swedish government to make this piece of trash to apologise forwith.

The problem with India(ns) their sense of izzat is only activated when Pakistan and Islam comes into the fore. Even though Islam is a disgusting religion what I admire about Muslims is that they don’t allow their Izzat to be tread upon; they are either feared or respected.

What is the point of Shining India if such a humiliating video can be made.

I had written the below post and then Vidhi sent me the above link. Unfortunately this is very par for the course for upper-caste Indians, they are putty when it comes to their “Aryan” kin in the West.

We were at MJ’s birthday drinks at the Eagle, which is a very famous pub (Watson & Crick announced their theft there). Vidhi mentioned to me that she heard an “Indian/Pakistani” man tell 2 white people (man and woman) that “brown people breed like rabbits.” I immediately told V that I could put my bottom dollar that the offender in question would have been Indian not Pakistani. Pakistan has an inferiority complex when it comes to colour and the Arabs (poor man’s Arab with a fetish for pale women) but not when it comes to the culture, religion or race.

Vidhi just quipped that what Arundhati Roy is to Hinduism I am to Islam. Like Ms. Roy, who is partially Hindu, I’m partially “in the Muslim fold” so my criticisms carry an added sting for many Muslims (especially as I’m such a passionate defender of Islamicate culture).

Shafique, in his comments, implied that at least religious Muslims are honest about the basis for their world view unlike say liberal Muslims like Mehdi Hasan who want to eat their cake and cut it.

It is my increasingly gripe with my atheist Hindus who try to provide an intellectual basis for many of their positions. Everyone is loyal to their tribe and it’s good to be honest about that.

Yes atheist intellectual Hindus, who are not post-modern, will always have a problem with the Mughals because they are Muslim. It’s better to acknowledge that bias rather than square a circle and somehow claim otherwise.

North Indians Hindus (the online variants) are particularly communal rather than regional; they harp on about the Marathas rather than the Mughals because the former are Hindus/Brahmins and the latter were Muslims.

It’s ok to love your tribe; I’m super-guilty of that and I freely acknowledge that if I were not what I am I may in fact see the Turanian triangle as an axis of evil rather than the seed of a new world order.

For me Nehru was no great secularist nor was he a “partisan” of some Mughal culture as people love to claim. When it came down to it his side was squarely Hindu (like Gandhi). QeA & Allama Iqbal May have been delusional, cynical and rapacious but at least they were honest; they found for the “Muslim cause.”

There is no greater proxy for “communalism”’ in the Indo-Gangetic belt than language. Nehru had no especial love for the Urdu language nor did he protect it or advocate for it.

There is nothing wrong with that but to somehow assert that he could speak (and lead) undivided India is laughable. FWIW it’s worth I’m against Partitions (I couldn’t make myself vote for Brexit as Unity is such an important concept) but while I have many issues with Pakistan (especially with its espousal of the abhorrent Muslim religion); I cannot forget it is the Urdu-language state. India appropriates Urdu but does not embrace instead focussing on its sickly creation that is the Hindi language.

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  1. also, why don’t you just say white instead of colonizer? sweden didn’t colonize much (aside from Delaware and the Baltic coast of Germany and Finland).

    1. why must we be nuanced when they are not?

      I don’t think it’s a white thing, it’s only when people are holding on to “Colonial attitudes.”

      While I admire Gandhi unfortunately in some cases I can’t be Gandhian in turning the other cheek.

  2. // India should revoke all Swedish visas to India immediately and force the Swedish government to make this piece of trash to apologise forwith //

    LOL I presume you aren’t serious, and just being polemical! I didn’t even know what this puerile subscriber war thingy was until a couple of days ago.

    PS: I think the Swedish chap makes valid points in talking about what does and doesn’t constitute defamation!

    PPS: His jibes about open defecation, caste system, fixing Indian poverty etc are ill-motivated but still ultimately correct. India is developing but still v poor and v unequal and more and more people are going to say this. Indians better develop a thicker skin rather than start rioting (as if they don’t do it already).

        1. I find it interesting that Izzat is a truly alien concept to Indian/Hindu civilisation.

          It is something Indians/Hindus can only feel in relation to Pakistan/Islam and nothing else.

          Imagine if he had the said the same thing about black people/Jews or Muslims..

          1. I think you may be projecting here a little bit. I think Indians can give back as good as anyone. Be it online, or otherwise — have you seen the number of Indian diss tracks this pewdiepie wankstain inspired?


            “I find it interesting that Izzat is a truly alien concept to Indian/Hindu civilisation.”

            This is a huge oversimplification, and extrapolating Brahmin/Baniya values onto the rest of India. Ever heard of Kshatriya Dharma? Go to Maharashtra if you’re ever in doubt of the willingness of Indians to break bones if there’s even the slightest perception that their dignity has been slighted.

    1. The dude runs a gaming channel. We (myself included) watch him for fun, lighthearted entertainment. Why does he feel the need to exploit complex social issues to make cheap jabs at India in general (as opposed to T Series in particular)?

    2. I asked him, his followers & even the creators on youtube to define caste & yet to get a reply from any of them.

      I suggest you watch this Pewdiepie diss track by Toki wo tomato to get some genuine criticism of Pewdiepie –

      Infact i supported T-series briefly after bitch lasagna till it surpassed pewdiepie atleast once just because i wanted to criticize him but had no platform or connections to make a diss of him.

      His supporters keep pointing towards his social work like visiting centers to support children with disabilities or his charities to claim that he is not guilty of any wrongdoings.

      With regards to – Individual Vs T-series i would request you to check following article –

      I won’t take shit from Westerners who benefited from colonizations {Even nations that were not directly colonizing benefited from regions that became wealthy via colonization}. India has problems & only Indians can fix them, it’s as simple as that or else just convert all of India to Christianity & see the accusations of caste vanish away.

      Actually all this Pewdiepie drama has magnified my lens to better understand the Western perspectives & helps me in responding to them in a more precise & nuanced manner.

      For e.g. I mentioned in a live countdown chat – How philanthrophy is a source for inequality. His fans immediately interpreted to be an attack on pewdiepie so i mentioned I can’t comment about his intentions but i can prove how inequality & philanthrophy go hand in hand.

      These blind spots i keep mentioning in my posts.

  3. I wouldn’t feel too bad. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe because their men are so weak and feminised to protect it from foreign rapists.

    1. Interesting – I was having a long chat with V and she pointed out the pernicious bits of British colonialism in India is that it was always done in the spirit of giving Indians enough but never more..

      Why weren’t Indians at Oxbridge in the 19th century or “swarming” Parliament then or the British civil service. The Brits were very particular in “protecting” the Home Islands from their coloured subjects. Even a century headstart would have turned India & the subcontinent into a world power.

      That’s what makes the Coloniser’s song so grating; the very poverty he mocks is in part his people’s creation.

      Just as they can’t distinguish Bombay from Bangladesh I cant distinguish Stockholm from Surrey.

      The irony is that this very same Neo-Imperialist mindset is what caused Brexit.

    2. Sweds guys are not so feminised as the whole society is so immature to never seen before primitivity from those who first time saw bra less girls in mini-skirts instead of home grown black KKK.

  4. I thought it was fun and catchy at first, but it quickly turned into distasteful. Not sure why he felt he had to bring Indian social issues into it (given that he runs a gaming channel).

  5. This guy is a genius. He literally made 5-6 months of content from this brouhaha, tons of subscribers and plenty of money.

    1. I find it funny how you and SS will ride to the defence of all things Hindu but when India is so thoroughly abused; it’s *funny*

      #colonised – fwiw we are all #colonised but it’s improtant to acknowledge it

  6. Comparing yourself to Arundathi Roy is ridiculous. She is a public intellectual who has many published books to her credit and is unafraid to speak truth to power to the Indian State (for which she faced the consequences by being charged with sedition). You are simply a blogger who gets away with saying nasty and un-nuanced things about Islam and Pakistan. There is no great bravery required to attack Islam when your right-wing Hindu audience laps it up. On the other hand, any criticism of their religion and its basis in caste (completely unacceptable in the 21st century) is shut down immediately.

    It’s strange how someone can defend Islamicate culture and want Islam “destroyed” at the same time. That culture wouldn’t exist without Muslim influence.

      1. If the same type of language were used about Hinduism on this blog as is used about Islam, people would be up in arms. It is apparently acceptable to say things like “Islam should be destroyed”. Arguing for destroying Hinduism because of its divine sanction for the (completely inhumane) caste system would be considered “Hinduphobic”.

        Personally, I think advocating the destruction of any religion is bigoted. But the double standard is too glaring not to point out.

        1. Yes I do apply double standards.

          I will always be an enemy of Islam as long as Hazrat Asia is done wrong in the name of Islam.

          I will only ramp up the rhetoric.

          1. No one is defending Pakistan’s blasphemy law (which is manmade and introduced by General Zia).

            Your lack of ability to see that there is more than one interpretation of Islam is truly stunning. Anyway, I’m done countering your bigotry. It just reflects on your lack of ability to argue properly.

    1. Islamicate culture has thrived *despite* Islam not because of it.

      Your Pedo prophet smashe 365 idols as soon as captured Mecca (after lying to everyone in medina). Hindustani music is built on Hindu worship from what I remember.

      1. Hindustani music is a product of the Indo-Islamic culture. Khayal was greatly influenced by qawwali. Scholars like Katherine Butler Schofield have done a lot of work on this.

        I wouldn’t pontificate about things which are clearly not your academic speciality. Not when arguing with someone who has invested the time and effort to properly study these things.

  7. Muyo’s son asks his father:
    – Dad, what are the negative numbers?
    Muyo: ‘Son, it is like this: There were 30 people on the bus and 32 people left the bus at the station.
    So, two more people should enter the bus to be empty.

  8. India is ok with criticism from people better than India, not from packos and random muslamics.

    Water flows down the physical gradient. Criticism flows down the moral gradient.
    Sort your iran, turan, arabistan and pakistan out first. Rest is just ranting and bakwas…….

    1. On the margins of the International Conference of Bosniacs Muslim Intellectuals (:- , the chairman Muyo discusses with conference guests whose memory goes further in the past. American says: – I remember the first day when I was born. Russian says – I remember some things when I was still in the stomach. Muyo says: – I remember when my father was masturbating and I was telling to myself – Hold on Muyo, if you fly out now, it never become a man from you.

    2. There are a number of Muslim countries far more developed than India is currently or will be in the foreseeable future. This includes human rights records.

      1. I’m not sure what the purpose of this comment is.

        And tbh, this sounds like a weird mirror of the “New Atheist” argument that overindexes on Islam and blames all the problems of various MENA countries on the religion (which isn’t true).

  9. I don’t defend Hinduism. I do defend Sanskrit because Sanskrit-bashing (or tainting the language with Caste system etc) is a favourite Indian Leftist pastime which I find terrible. Why is that a problem?

    On a separate note, surprised that I am saying this, but I agree with Kabir. FWIW.

    I think criticism of Islamic ideology is one thing but calling a dead person a pedo every time is over the top. The evidentiary bar required to make that accusation is not met in this case IMO – and will probably never be met given the length of time – and the word should not be used in any seriousness. (I know you are being polemical etc but this polemic has diminishing returns)

    1. Agreed. Personally, I don’t talk about Islam much at all. I agree that it is doctrinal and imperial in a way that other religions are not (and it’s not exactly quiet about that). But I think a lot of criticisms of Islam are overstated, and many times, people seeking to criticize a particular society or country end up drastically overindexing on Islam.

      1. Don’t think it is just particular country. Even 30 years back, crowds in Bradford and other places were burning Satanic Verses as a public ritual and openly calling for the killing of Salman Rushdie. There are hundreds of other incidents big and small , like Suicide bombing of underground system, 9/11 destruction, taxi drivers refusing blind passengers for disgust of guide dogs, open murder of an Ahmedi, and so on and so on. It is drip drip bad news with occasional torrent.
        Let us leave for the moment IS and ME sectarian wars.

          1. I don’t think you will be able to have an objective discussion with such indoctrinated people.

            Even some who have left the faith are still apologists for the negative aspects of the faith (e.g. denial about the increased sexual abuse within the Islamic community, the Muslim grooming gangs of UK, rape gangs in cologne, rampart rape of boys in Peshawar etc etc).

            The truth that their community (islamic) is completely based on a fraud ideology by a fraud prophet is too bitter a pill to swallow (even for some ex-muslims). There is a definite cognitive dissonance I have come across from some formerly Muslim Atheists. And these are atheists, can you imagine how much more in denial believers will be in?

    2. Dominic Goodall wrote recently about Sanskrit lit :
      remind readers of the diversity of the Sanskrit literary tradition. Sanskrit for many people in India today is associated with conservative social agendas held by those who often think that a return would be desirable to some imaginary golden past of religious righteousness in accordance with precepts that sages of the past expressed in brahminical treatises in Sanskrit. But the Sanskrit literary tradition is in fact astonishingly plural. For while Sanskrit is of course the language of many Hindu religious works, it is also the language of rejoinders and refutations by Buddhists and materialists and many others, indeed of all manner of philosophical debate, and it is at the same time so very much more than that as well. For it is also the language chosen for treatises on every kind of knowledge, both religious and secular, as well as a language of imagination, of poetry in verse and prose, resorted to by countless generations of readers and writers of many backgrounds who wished to receive or to communicate ideas. It is, in short, the language in which the bewilderingly diverse cultural memory of millions is stored. Certainly, it is the language of the relativising moral vision of the Bhagavad-Gîtâ and of the caste-bound strictures of the Manu-smriti; but it is also that of neutral — or sometimes decidedly amoral — writings on medicine, on gemmology, on archery, on political acumen (the Arthashâstra), on the care of elephants (the Pâlakâpya), on music and stagecraft and on almost anything else you might care to think of besides.

  10. Here’s an alternate view.
    Large sections of the west already views upper caste Indians as entitled whiners who try to gain unfair advantages using the ‘PoC’ tag. Revoking visas and demanding apology will just add to that perception.

    Indians need to ignore PewDiePie and focus on fixing poverty and blunting the excesses of caste discrimination.

    20 years from now we’d be a much more prosperous society. We can have our own international content creators, media houses, and social media platforms.

    We’ll do our propaganda then, if we so wish to.

    The thing India needs to learn from China is not taking petty visa revoking measures but:
    1. Have a longer term view of things
    2. Realise that soft power flows from hard power

    Also, as SP has mentioned earlier, there’s plenty of dissing going on both ways.

      1. Zach, some amount of Indian antipathy towards Pakistan is understandable, especially given Pakistan genocided Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh, and played a big part in their ethnic cleansing from the Kashmir valley. Not to mention the terrorism it promotes and enables today.

        It is quite natural to dislike someone who wants to kill you.

        1. I think it’s much more complex that that..

          The Hinditva agenda (Macaulay’s children, their co-equivalent are Liberalstanis) have done so much to damage the subcontinent.

          1. No, its really not more complicated than more than a million Hindus genocided and ethnically cleansed. You are being facetious by trying to relate this to Hindi.

    1. Hardpower is more than just economic progress , even fairly equally distributed. It is willingness to get into the messy power struggles in the world, take risks with armed interventions; some kind of alpha nation; develope adequate wherewithal for such projects and ambitions.

  11. I had heard of Pewdiepie before but never really watched him. Now I have. Not my kind of stuff but I’d prefer him any day over T-Series. In any case, it appears that he has regained the number one spot in the last 24 hours. This guy is good at what he does, and I can’t help but admire the fact that he’s just one guy (with a bunch of friends) against a corporate entity with vastly more resources at their disposal.

  12. A fake liberal and a fake atheist persistently reject to declare their standing on – sharia, jihad, 77 virgins, black kkk, kill infidels, taqiya…You simply cannot provoke them to say anything in spite of having (between themselves) a whole one brain. Probably, in removed halves were located their shames and because they don’t know for any. Or, they have so thick skin that can play dumb presumably not knowing what is the story about.

  13. the thing is…who cares what some white person thinks? fuck them. or not. they don’t matter. it’s 2019. not 1919. my basic attitude.

  14. A huge problem with today’s world is (of some) testosterone-poisoned men running around imagining their izzat is being threatened and something (usually nasty) must be done to protect it. Both white supremacism and Islamist terrorism can be traced to just such feelings.

    If there are people not overly suffering from such notions of inadequacy we should be celebrating. The macho dudes can always be hired as security guards when needed and sent to prison when not.

    1. i grew up in a part of the USA where guys had to fight to defend themselves if they were different or small (i’m both). it’s not the worst thing, but it’s kind of dumb and a waste of time to be honest. lots of fronting and posing and shit. a fixation on face and social perceptions, rather than getting shit done.

      the decline of honor culture is the rise of civilization.

      i can fight if civilization collapses…but let’s not pretend we don’t know what that entails.

      (the only upside with high tolerance of physical violence is that there is less shit-talking, since that might trigger someone to attack you)

      1. Re: tolerance of violence. The British Empire was founded on the backs of a highly educated and cultured elite that were systematically abused as children in the public school system. As recent as a generation ago, the level of physical violence that passes for normal in the British milieu would shock most Europeans/ North Americans. It could be that Americans sublimate it better with ritual (mainly sport), but you don’t go on to redefine civilization in your image with just culture and values alone…

        1. steven pinker is right and violence has been declining. even in britain the 20th century was a lot less violent than the 19th.

          there were stories about how highlanders scared lowlanders in scotland in the early 19th century because there were incidents where lowlanders didn’t greet the highlander respectfully on a road and so he got his head cut off with the sword.

          i don’t really see your point. there is violence today. but a lot less. civilization has been defined by central authorities clamping down on independent violence and regulating conflict through law and other avenues.

          1. My point is that sometimes civilization and a tolerance of violence go hand in hand. I don’t think it’s an accident that the British went on to world dominance over lets say, the French, whose elites had a very different educational culture.

            Re: Pinker since you bring him up — I’ve read his book, and read the whole back and forth with Taleb along with a few other rebuttals on both sides of the argument. When phrased as a precise statistical question (convergence to the true moments of an underlying distribution given a finite sample size N), I found Pinker’s response to Taleb to be lacking. Statistics is definitely not his forte.

            My separate issue with Pinker’s thesis is his claims to have numbers for violent deaths across centuries, across continents, with absolutely no quantification of uncertainties or methodologies discussed. I should hope that this tickles your BS meter. Taleb et al’s point, which is different is that say, just one limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan, and his entire thesis goes out the window. It was a highly entertaining flame war that threw up many interesting issues sullied in the end by Taleb’s belligerence, but there was some signal under all that noise.

    2. The preoccupation with izzat is also a hallmark of people who have nothing to lose. Meaning, in general people who are materially less well off are always quick to resort to violence at every real or imaginary slight. Hence the propensity of rural and agricultural communities (for e.g. Rajputs, Jats, Maraths etc in India and Pathans in Pakistan) to put a premium on izzat.

      Moneyed castes have too much to lose if they get entangled in court cases over violence. Therefore they scrupulously avoid getting into trouble.

      In the part of India I come from, there are both Sunni Muslims and Dawoodi Bohars. Sunni Muslims have all the traditional stereotypes associated with them (violent, quick to draw knife over smallest of quarrel). OTOH, Bohras are considered as meek as Jains (Banias). The reasons are simple. Boharas are a very affluent communities in these parts. They can’t afford to go to Jail when they have businesses worth crores to attend to.

  15. “rural and agricultural communities” = “people with nothing to lose” => propensity to violence.

    This is a completely fact-free generalization. Dalits in India are overwhelmingly rural (as are a majority of communities, since India is still a largely rural, agriculture dependent society.) It also just happens to be true that they have the least to lose – being poor and discriminated-against.

    Do they have any particular propensity for violence ? They don’t although it would be understandable if they did.

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