BrownCast Podcast episode 25: Christoph, center-left edgelord on social justice, Islam, and cosmopolitanism

By Razib Khan 5 Comments

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Today I talk to Christoph, the erstwhile “Eurasian Sensation.” Long-time readers of this weblog will know that Christoph was an early contributor to this weblog. Over the past few years, he has gained prominence on Twitter as a verbal pugilist of sorts, punching Right and punching Left from the de facto center.

We talk about his own mixed-race identity, and cosmopolitan lifestyle choices and orientation. Both of us also talk about the interesting fact that we are regularly lectured about Islam by non-Muslim progressives.


5 Replies to “BrownCast Podcast episode 25: Christoph, center-left edgelord on social justice, Islam, and cosmopolitanism”

  1. Was a decent podcast, but I felt it was rather banal. Probably because I generally share Christoph’s ideological inclination (center-left in the Anglo-American context, which makes me “right by default” in a world where the Left is growing increasingly doctrinaire.)

    1. we probably agree too much. should have surya yalamanchili on in the next few weeks. will have more clash since he’s a democrat and a partisan one at that.

    1. I second that. I’ve been following his writing for years, he’s an incisive thinker with a knack for highly lucid prose. He’s based in New York city these days, would be a welcome addition to the podcast

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