Misunderstanding Ta’arof

I think Ta’arof translates into Takaluf in the Urdu speaking world but I can’t be sure.

I find it rather amusing that while India is being dissed on the world’s most popular youtube channel; a Jewish American travelloger is extolling Pakistan to the skies.

If Vidhi wasn’t Indian then I can take some schadenfraude but considering she is a daughter of the Indus, and her tribe are exiles from Pakistan, they are the best type of Pakistanis; those that are entirely free from the taint of Islam.

As an aside I’ve been queries that why do make a point of highlight Muhammad’s pedophilia to the point of it becoming a background drone. It’s two fold one is to normalise the discourse that there is no sacredness to any religion but Muslims take it to the next extreme and they are deliberated conflating the vital distinction that Shafique has created.

The Brown Pundit readership now glides over every time I call Muhammad a pedo and that’s a wonderful thing because that means it’s been internalised. The first time I wrote those words I hesitated, not out of respect but out of fear.

Pakistan is the opposite of India in terms of Izzat and at the heart of the Izzat-complex stands the Holy Pedophile. This comes to my second point, which is difficult for a culture that does not know Izzat (Indians have learnt of it through the Muslims but it doesn’t seem to be an indigenous trait) that my attacks on the Izzat of Pakistan and Islam are a necessary penance for what Pakistan has done to Hazrat Asia.

Also alot of my attacks are not on practising Muslims, who are honest that their moral codes stem from Islam and that they prefer Islam to liberalism but on “cultural Muslims” (Liberalstanis) who want to have both liberalism and Islam. In turn they try to justify a soppy Sufi type of Islam as their antidote, which would be fine, if they weren’t totally ineffective. They haven’t been able to quell the hardliners and the Liberalstanis are more interested in pointing out the flaws of the West etc.

The Liberalstanis find their equivalent in these cultural Hindus who are busy advocating nuclear holocaust in the Subcontinent because of their Pakphobia and trying to cleanse their cultural of one of the greatest cultural complexes of all time. Iran owes it debt of greatness to the Achamenians, Sassanids but also to the Samanids and the Safavids. These cultural Hindus are busy trying to dig up Ashoka because they are intimidated by Akbar. In doing so they have shattered a brilliant syncretic culture and replaced it with some hollow simulacrum that Colonisers mock (does anyone dare disparage the Taj). When India, Iran (+Turan) & Islam mingled on the soils of the Ganges it created a haunting cultural apogee, which is now unfortunately orphaned.

Islam is a shit religion so long as she is locked up in its name and I will only ramp up the rhetoric. As they say in the Brexit discussion there is always a hill one must choose and that is my hill (for now- as Kabir Bhai points out I’m no public intellectual, I merely part-time manage a blog as a way to offset my hyper-bourgeoisie choices).

Moving on to the main point of the post. Much as I admire Drew Binskey since he’s such a fan of the Turanian triangle (he’s visiting Afghanistan in April so will complete it, something I haven’t even done and few Turanians actually have); he’s totally misinterpreting the cultural cues. They are simply ta’arofing to his white privilege, the cameras and elite foreigner status but they are not insisting they he not pay but he can’t tell the difference so the video is a bit cringeworthy.

As an example When friends or Baha’is walk into Btap I won’t charge as a first step because I would immediately lose face.

But for instance last week my good friend was about to create a scene if she wouldn’t pay and I had to let her pay (the staff were finding it all very funny). But my friend wears a Hijab, is British of Egyptian descent and as a daughter of the Ummah knows our complex cultural codes.

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  1. What you don’t seem to understand is that even the most secular Jews are offended by antisemitism. Similarly even secular cultural Muslims do not like islamophobia. One doesn’t need to be particularly religious to recognize attacks on our identity and culture. Such rhetoric has real world consequences as the Christchurch shootings demonstrate.
    I can’t imagine what your IRL Muslim friends would think if they read the stuff you write on this blog. Honestly you come across as extremely boorish. It’s a not a good look on you.

    I’m not your brother and I’d appreciate if you drop the condescending use of “Bhai”. I would never want to be related to a. Islamophobe.

  2. Taaruf is also Urdu. It means introduction.

    Indians and all workers of the world are united with pewds who is fightin the battle on the side of righteous content creator individuals against an evil thieving conglomerate supported by hindtvadi asshats. India needs women rights, Dalit rights, minority rights and pewds campaigns for it by raising awareness.

  3. Problem for the descendants of the Persianate dynasties based on Indian surplus is that they failed to produce a compelling literature, especially stories and narratives.

    Even the medieval European dynasties produced literary figures like Shakespeare, Gothe and Cervantes. Stories have far more staying power than architecture and cuisine.

    Interestingly, despite being under alien control, Indians did manage to develop a good amount of literature under both Central Asian and European rule. The various Ramayanas, Sikh holy texts and janam sakhis and Tagore’s stories did leave a rich heritage in the most hostile of circumstances.

    1. Hmm, someone seems totally ignorant of Mir, Ghalib, etc. It’s true that Urdu seems to have been more suited for poetry than for prose, but it’s a stretch to say our tradition didn’t produce great literature.

      1. I specifically mentioned stories, of course I am aware of Urdu poetry. I think this happened because Urdu developed more as a language of recital. It might also have to do with the fact that the printing press was introduced to India by Europeans, in the coastal regions.

          1. Not sure vulgar Hindustani = Hindi. The Shuddh Hindi variant is anything but vulgate.

  4. This mostly belongs on the last thread, but since it came up here again —

    “This comes to my second point, which is difficult for a culture that does not know Izzat (Indians have learnt of it through the Muslims but it doesn’t seem to be an indigenous trait)”

    If by Izzat you mean something approximating honor culture, then there’s probably good reason why it isn’t as historically widespread in India as it is in other places. In the absence of a Hobbesian overlord, its prevalence is inversely proportional to how urban and complex a society is, whereby a multiplicity of interdependences serve as an effective proxy in enforcing contracts and bookkeeping credit (be it social or commercial). In societies where this is absent or weakened, one’s integrity and honor is your effective social capital and credit rating. Notice that among Persians, honor culture is also markedly less.

    If by Izzat you mean willingness to stand up and defend your dignity, then in saying that it’s alien to India, you’re offending my izzat as a Marathi Manoos. That pewdiepie video made my blood boil, and if that clown had any business interests in Mumbai, you can be sure that some local goons would have turned that shit inside out by now.

    1. Honor isn’t communal restlessness manifesting as overwhelming numbers/resources (Hindus in India) lynching helpless minorities. This is post-colonial Hindutvas attempt to be more masculine/martial, but its unconvincing.

      A good illustration of this is diaspora populations. This fake toughness evaporates once Indians leave the safety of India. Sikhs are the only Indians I’ve seen who have actual honor (present pretty much wherever they go).

      Also, honor isn’t some intrinsic good thing. An Afghan father murdering his daughter for pre-marital sex would be an example of lots of “honor”, but is still horrible.

  5. Just to note that the most subscribed is not the most popular. Just as the most liquid is not the most pricey.

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