Delhi riots (a)

This is a follow up to:

The Delhi riots

What happened on the ground is very murky. This is more a request for information rather than describing what happened.


Question 1: Did any violence take place outside of 7 neighborhoods in North East Delhi (Seelampur, Jafrabad, Maujpur, Kardampuri, Babarpur, Gokulpuri and Shivpuri)? Did violence really take place in all these seven neighborhoods or are press reports inaccurate?

Question 2: If violence did not take place outside these 7 neighborhoods or took place in fewer neighborhoods than the press reported was this really a major riot?

Question 3: Why would the Chief minister of Delhi–Arvind Kejriwal of the Aam Aadmi Party or Kejruddin as many affectionately refer to him–allow a riot where muslims get killed? Many of his supporters and leading aids are muslims. One of his six ministers is muslim:

Note that previously there was an inaccurate list of Delhi assembly persons and cabinet ministers that is now deleted. Hat Trip Scorpion Eater for letting me know the list was inaccurate.

Granted these muslim supporters of Arvind Kejriwal likely support CAA, NRC, the Ayodhya temple, and abrogating section 370. Don’t know this for sure but they might be Shiites, Sufis, liberal muslims or atheist muslims–a majority of whom vote against the left and conservative Sunni friendly political parties in India.

But if this is so, then why facilitate a riot in these neighborhoods? Are they conservative Sunni heavy? They strike me as full of muslims sympathetic to the non left (in India most conservative Sunnis vote for the left and most of the muslims who are not conservative sunnis politically ally with the non left). There are multiple reports of local muslims forming human chains to protect nonmuslims and nonmuslim sites–including temples.  Many local muslims in press reports are insisting that the attackers were not local muslims but out of towners. If this is correct, why would the muslim leaders of the Aam Admi Party attack their own political base? {In Delhi the majority of muslims vote for the non left political parties and against the left political parties.}

The attacks that killed many Indian police officers–including police head constable Ratan Lal, that stabbed Ankit Sharma–a Security Assistant working in the Intelligence Bureau–four hundred times, the attacks against non muslim holy sites; and the attacks against non muslim people have the feel of a professionally organized military strike.

Could this have been organized by foreign militaries and global Islamist organizations to coincide with President Trump’s visit to the USA? It would match their modus of operations and thought process.


Completely seperate from the above speculation about who caused the North Eastern Delhi riot, is critiquing the operational response by the Delhi state government, and the Indian central (federal) government. Here I have a lot of thoughts, but would like to ask the following questions first:

  • Did Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal call for the Indian Army to be deployed in force within hours of the attacks begining?
  • Why didn’t Indian PM Modi comply with this request, assuming it was made?
    • Was the Indian central government and her various agencies afraid of a “Black Lives Matter” style take down of the Indian Army and Indian police by the global media and by global academia?
      • If this is so, one lesson that should be learned from this is to mostly ignore what foreign media, foreign academia, global human rights organizations and global activists say. It is more important to do what is right (dharmic or haq (حق)) than to be respected, let alone liked.
  • Did the Indian police really retreat in fear after getting violently attacked?
  • How good of a job did the Delhi state government do in having rapid two way communication with Delhi locals and the global media?
  • How good of a job did the Ministry of Home Affairs (of the Indian central federal government) do in having rapid two way communication with Delhi locals and the global media?
  • Were the above the only two public sources of communication and information regarding the North East Delhi riots? If not, what other governmental organ was communicating with the Delhi locals and the global media?

Note that this post is likely to change as new information becomes available.


Update 1

Tareq Fatah–one of India’s most popular and respected muslim leaders–describes some of the out of area Islamists who coordinated their attacks on North East Delhi during President Trump’s visit:

Mobbywick, thanks for sharing how probable Islamist attackers tore the school clothes of North East Delhi girls. What do you think of my speculation that out of area miscreants rather than locals orchestrated this? Is there any evidence that Islamist out of area people targetted liberal/atheist/sufi/shia muslims in North East Delhi alongside nonmuslims people, holy sites, schools, shops, police, Intelligence Bureau. (Many anti CAA NRC “protestors” in recent months have violently attacked liberal/atheist/sufi/shia muslims.)


Update 2:

Growing evidence that the Pakistani Army ISI Directorate coordinated the Islamist attacks on North East Delhi to coincide with Trump’s visit.

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4 years ago

These are very good and relevant questions. My own knowledge is far from solid so I will wait for others to answer. But regarding

If this is so, one lesson that should be learned from this is to completely ignore what all foreign media, foreign academia, global human rights organizations and global activists say. It is more important to do what is right (dharmic or haq (حق)) than to be respected, let alone liked.

how is it a “lesson to be learned from this” rather than a deontological assertion?

4 years ago
Reply to  AnAn

I didn’t mean to suggest any modification, just wanted to understand the thinking there, which you have clarified.

H.M. Brough
H.M. Brough
4 years ago

I’ve heard some hypotheses that opposition/Islamist ringleaders sought to instigate riots during Trump’s arrival in the hopes of inciting Americans to sanction Modi/Shah.

It’s a dumb hypothesis because

1) Trump doesn’t give a shit about “secularism” or “religious freedom.” You can’t really force his hand.

2) There’s no specific inciting event to point to anyways.

But the hypothesis is out there.

4 years ago
Reply to  H.M. Brough

Then who hired notorious Naseer and Irfan gangs who fired multiple rounds on police and protetsors?
Why was anti-CAA faction delivering inflamatory and communal speeches and slogans for 2 months on the pretext of protests?
Why did anti-CAA crowds who were involved in stone pelting in different locations in country were shielded by Indian media and human right organisations? Only Yogi Adityanath managed to contain violent protestors in his satate.
From where did protestors get infinite supply of stones, petrol bombs and guns?
Why were AAP leader and his goons have been accused of murdering an IB slueth(and more) in ISIS style? People have released mutiple clips of his rooftop on social media. A few left leaning media outlets actually tried to shield him(going as far as releasing a doctored video clip) which in my view is very suspicious.
Why did most of media and left leaning institutions have declared these riots as anti-muslim and tried to mislead people with half-truths?
Why is there no balanced reporting of these riots in international media?
Why were so many policemen attacked?
Why did Bheem Army and PFI’s name comming into scanner of investigators? PFI has been accused of numerous anti-India activities. These accusations didn’t come from ”extreme right’ but from ‘leftists’ of Kerala.
Why even ‘Wikipedia’ editors are barring people from adding factual details in Delhi riot’s page?
Most importantly why did riots break out only upon Trump’s visit?

I think most of Delhi people who suffered from the riots have said that the culprits were mostly outsiders.
Police agreed that messaging apps like WhatsApp were used to redicalise and mobalise the mobs.
Even before riots broke out many people on social media had raised alarm about mobs moving to Delhi-NCR region including making an attempt to capture Connaught Place, which was foiled by the police.

It isn’t first time when communal tensions were manufactured during visit of a POTUS.

4 years ago

The hypothesis that the anti-Muslim pogroms (NOT “riots”) were started by “islamists” is a conspiracy theory and smacks of victim blaming. Just to discredit Modi and Shah, Muslims would not cause their own mosques to be burnt–not to mention copies of the Holy Quran. This is not the behavior of a ghettoized minority.
There is also no plausible reason why Kejriwal and the AAP would “allow” these pogroms. AAP has just overwhelmingly won an election against BJP largely on a “good governance” agenda. Allowing communal violence hardly falls under good governance. The Delhi police falls under the central government and it is the Home Minister who is answerable for the delayed and inadequate police response.

Most neutral observers (not belonging to the Hindu Right) can see the pattern from Gujrat 2002 to Delhi 2020. What most saddens me (though it is not surprising) is the immense polarization in India with Hindu Right supporters rushing to pin the entire blame on “fundamentalist Muslims”. Protests against the CAA had been largely peaceful for months and had taken support from the ideals of the Indian Constitution. What possible explanation can there be for Muslims to become violent now?
Violence on either side is condemnable and the loss of life– whether Hindu or Muslim– is a tragedy. But the greater onus of responsibility lies with the State for either failing to control the violence or being complicit and allowing it to happen.

4 years ago

“Violence in Delhi is intended to polarize as well as to teach a lesson” by Christopher Jaffrelot

Xerxes the Magian
4 years ago

I’m overestimating the # of Shi’ites but of the 16 Muslims (I’m unsure to one); a maximum of 7 Shi’ites.

Likely Sunnis
【3】Suddin Sheikh
【5】Isharaq Khan
【8】Iqbal Ahmed
【12】Nusrat Khan
【18】Amanatullah Khan
【20】Mohammad Ali Khan
【22】Mo Isanel Khasan
【21】Muhammad Badruddin
【27】Tilak Nagar Ruby Khan

Likely Shi’as
【10】Sadab Hussain
【13】Sabina Parveen
【19】Abbas Zafar
【23】Imran Hussain
【25】Sahabuddin Tagi
【26】Tahira Begum

4 years ago

Important questions indeed.
I think AAP washes it’s hand from responsibility with some success since Delhi security comes under central government. Although I remember some news reports asking why army was not called for and BJP supporters saying that the chief minister must make a formal request for that.
At that point kejriwal quickly made this request. It felt as if this was somehow overlooked by Kejriwal and pointed out by BJP who was trying to pin some blame on them in this matter.
The response side to the protests before and subsequent riots was definitely bungled up by ruling party. The anti CAA protest had long turned violent in many instances. Letting the protestors block a major road towards Noida also was not without political considerations. They could easily have asked to peacefully protest in some maidan or other open area. Mumbai police could easily stop people from occupying marine drive in South Mumbai.
With one eye on delhi election bjp tried to let it fester wilfully hoping to cash in. BJP’s Tiwari and other were giving out inflammatory slogans from long time without actually acting on clearing of road. People from other political side like Waris pathan also joined in. But neither directly gave way to riots.
Riots co incide with Trump visit perfectly. Whether they were professionally planned needs to be investigated. Also did govt have any information about this and what was done to prevent them also needs to be investigated. In India Police response is inline with what the political masters dictate. Surely this explains lot of indifferent attitude displayed by them in beginning.
Also it is interesting to note that even before the riot had assumed it’s full force it was referred on this group by the news breaker as early stage of genocide.
Surely the forces planning/ handling them from left were ready with narratives to be handed out internationally even before the picture got clear for people on ground.

4 years ago

In NE Delhi the rioters tore clothes of school girls who were returning to home.
I’ve heard about this incident a few days ago but I was waiting for confirmation.
It’s outright disgusting

4 years ago

Journalist J. Gopalkrishnan claims that foreign news-paper offered him 1000-1500$/word to write article on Delhi riots with particular hue.
Later this offer was picked up by another journalist.

4 years ago

More evidence about how the sham protests are being managed.

An elderly woman complaining how she is being forced to go to the protests. If you can understand hindi

4 years ago

Show me a non-Islamic country where Muslims have no problems and are completely happy. If they are, just wait a few more years before claiming discrimination, Islamaphobia. Muslims would only patronize business owned by Muslims just about any where. World needs to wake up to their plan to grow by pro-creation.

Scorpion Eater
Scorpion Eater
4 years ago


Where did you obtain your list of AAP candidates for Delhi assembly from? It is patently a lie. Wikipedia shows an entirely different list, with limited muslim names.

In fact almost all the names in your list are wrong. For e.g. for Tilak Nagar constituency,

Your list -> Ruby Khan
Wikipedia -> Jarnail Singh

This may be a wacky blog, but peddling such lies is below the standard of even this blog. The onus is on you to explain where did you obtain your list from.

Brown Pundits