Why did so many BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) voted Tory? (a)

This is a follow up to:

Why did so many BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) voted Tory?

It appears that Jews, Indian and African Britons abandoned Labour in droves and voted for other political parties. Would be curious to learn who they voted for. Suspect many voted for the Liberal Democrats.

As described by Veedu Vidz in the above previous Brown Pundit post, moderate muslims also appear to have abandoned Labour en mass. Who did moderate muslims vote for?

Are there any English exit polls? [Updated with this exit poll hat trip Ali Choudhury.] Do we know how Pakistani Britons, Bangladeshi Britons, Indian musiim Britons, muslim Britons in general voted?

In the above conversation it was implied that minorities and people of color in USA vote Democrat. My response is that in America Asian Americans and Latino Americans are “swing voters” not wedded to either party. Black African Americans vote overwhelmingly Democrat. However, I think President Trump will likely do a lot better with the Black African American vote in 2020 than he did in 2016.

From page 26 of the exit poll provided by Ali Choudhury, we can see the following:

  • Labour lost only nine percentage points of the BAME vote
  • Conservative Tories gained only one percentage point in additional BAME voters
  • Liberal Democrats gained only six percentage point in additional BAME voters
  • Other political parties gained two percentage points of additional BAME voters

Labour–if these exit polls are not contradicted by other exit polls–did FAR better in 2019 among BAME voters than I thought (and that many political commentators thought). To my surprise the Liberal Democrats only gained six percentage points of BAME voters (for 12% total) and the Conservative Tories only gained one percentage point in additional BAME voters.

My new question is why did the overwhelming vast majority of BAME Britons vote for Jeremy Corbyn? Why did so few BAME Britons vote Liberal Democrat?

Did the moderate muslim Britons almost universally vote for Jeremy Corbyn? If so, why? Would love to hear from Veedu Vidz and Rakib Ehsan.

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Ali Choudhury
Ali Choudhury
4 years ago

Labour won 64% of the minority vote in 2019 compared to 77% in 2017. I haven’t seen any polling analysis done to split out votes by each minority for 2019. The data is there for 2017 which showed Labour winning comfortable majorities across Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and African and Caribbean origin voters.



Ali Choudhury
Ali Choudhury
4 years ago

Labour has long been seen as being friendlier to BAMEs going back to 1965 when they passed the Race Relations Act which was very helpful in reducing overt racial discrimination. Most BAMEs are urban and working-class which is Labour’s natural constituency. The Lib Dems core vote is in the southwest of England, the wealthy suburbs of London and Scotland which don’t have much BAME presence and their natural constituency is socially liberal middle-class university graduates.
With respect to “moderate” Muslims and Jeremy Corbyn, the UK Muslim population is vastly opposed to Israel and hated the Iraq invasion which the previous Labour government helped instigate. So they liked him a lot because his stances reflected their own. They also liked his economic policies with the promised end to austerity for welfare recipients and more socialism generally. The preferred model among Muslim families is the traditional one of the mother staying home and the father being the sole breadwinner. Trying to raise a family on one income as well as buying a house (many Muslims prefer to buy in cash to avoid making interest payments on mortgages) is a very tough ask so more redistribution is generally favoured. Among my Muslim friends and family, I would estimate 80% at least went for Labour with any Conservative supporters staying very quiet.

4 years ago

Why are minorities voting for conservative parties? Because the jews are shoving them over there proliferating the lgbt psyop. The direct approach doesn’t work.

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