James Brown: Video + Bootsy Collins

I get a little tired of Aryan, Sudra, Islam. Pakistan, Hindu diatribes.

So a James Brown video
a) Look to the end, its FBI etc keeping a eye on James Brown
b)  The tall guy behind JB playing bass in a sort of dark shirt with small cross is Bootsy Collins.

Bootsy became one of the first to be Gay friendly on stage, this is probably early 1980’s


Don’t you know that it’s true
That for me and for you
The world is a ghetto

Wonder when I’ll find paradise
Somewhere there’s a home, sweet and nice
Wonder if I’ll find happiness
Never give it up now I guess

Misunderstanding Ta’arof

I think Ta’arof translates into Takaluf in the Urdu speaking world but I can’t be sure.

I find it rather amusing that while India is being dissed on the world’s most popular youtube channel; a Jewish American travelloger is extolling Pakistan to the skies.

If Vidhi wasn’t Indian then I can take some schadenfraude but considering she is a daughter of the Indus, and her tribe are exiles from Pakistan, they are the best type of Pakistanis; those that are entirely free from the taint of Islam. Continue reading Misunderstanding Ta’arof

PewDiePie is Coloniser Trash

PewDiePie Concedes YouTube Defeat to T-Series, Takes a Dig at India

Maybe he should do us all a favour and do what his fellow countryman Avici did a year back (and seems to be a Scandinavian trait).

  • “Guess to beat one Swedish boy you need a billion Asians.”
  • “All it took was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood.”
  • He then tries to allege corruption of T-Series (second 48-1.10). Usual coloniser tactic when they get jealous of Brown Success (as though they didn’t simply rape and conquer the world).
  • He then calls Bangladesh, Indian, which of course is not an insult but is a deliberate ignorance (Bangladesh fought a long and bloody war to be considered it’s own 1971 nation).
  • Minute 2:02 he refers to defecation assuming a joke on India’s open defecation rates.
  • Then he dares to have the temerity to educate South Asians, who are probably the world’s greatest wordsmiths on the distinction between defamation and defecation. To paraphrase they were savages while we were busy composing the Vedas and the Avestas not to mention the Quran, which probably has no literary equivalent the world over (Muhammad may have been a sick pedo but he seemed a pretty decent poet).
  • Did you know that Indians have poo-poo in their brains?
  • Then some long orange haired junkie sings, How about next you figure out how to fix the caste system?
  • Maybe all those ads will solve your crippling poverty.

Continue reading PewDiePie is Coloniser Trash

How Islamicate culture will die?


Islam will kill Islamicate culture in Pakistan unless Islam is neutered (we can always hope).

I enjoyed IndThing’s comments on the Marathas, there is no doubt if the Mughals were “Hindu”, the Bharat contingent would be adulating them.

We did some Persian events this weekend (one Baha’i one non-Bahá’í). I remarked to Vidhi the paucity of Persian culture, Persians do Western food and fashion as a sign of their high culture. Continue reading How Islamicate culture will die?

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