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  1. Plot Twist: That’s Razib singing in the background.

    Also, somebody made a comment under my name in the India Election 2019 Thread. I don’t know if there’s a way to check the email we provide to verify this, but if not, we can tell by the poor grammar the fraud used.

      1. Zack, if what you say about the email address for that comment matching @INDTHINGS previous comments is true, I wonder how an imposter could know what @INDTHINGS true email address was to fill it in (unless someone knows him from elsewhere and knows his handle here). Sounds like he may be made a comment reflecting his true Indophobic/Hinduphobic comment but perhaps in a dash of anger without thinking through about how it would reveal his anti-indian/anti-Hindu hatred. Now he’s trying to cover it up by cooking up cock and bull stories.

        1. He should publicly denounce ‘taqiya’ as a prerequisite to become a candidate(!) for trust.

          Note: Taqiya – a law like that means lying and deceit. It means that a Muslim can put his hand on the Quran and swear to tell the truth, knowing that he is lying and knowing that he will be forgiven because he lies in the interest of Islam.

        2. this strikes me as a stupid hypothesis. INDTHINGS doesn’t seem to hide is skeptical opinion of certain aspects of ‘hindudom’ anyhow. do you think he went on a meth trip and got drunk and wrote out his inner id?

          1. That’s my biggest fear — going on a drug bender and typing out my inner id onto these threads. May happen yet, but it hasn’t so far…

          2. I used to have a glass (or two) of wines while commenting but now I am switching to Indian or Serendib tea…err, uhm…what is the inner id?

      2. Xerxes,

        If my email address is attached that means somebody with access to the information made a puppet account. Does anyone have access besides you?

        I’m not accusing you by the way. For all our differences, I don’t believe you would ever resort to this. If you are the only one with access, I’ll explore different routes. Perhaps I inadvertently left my email address in one of my past comments.


        Lol please.

        1. on first blush it seems only an admin should have access to this. right now i think that’s me, zach, and omar.

          unless someone hacked ;-( this has happened before unfortunately (one reason the old archives are not accessible)

  2. Nope.

    “Hindutvadi” is not a term I have ever used when talking about Hindutvas.

    I have also never once resorted to such childish insults as “defecating on the streets”, which as I understand it, would basically be shaming people for being poor.

    There’s no chance of India disintegrating any time soon.

    I’m not sure what “illusory power of vote” is supposed to mean, but I’m very much pro-democracy.

    I also don’t type silly run on sentences (…and…and…) without any commas. I’m probably the most upset about that part.

  3. Can the IP be matched against any of the usual contributors and further posts from that IP disabled ?
    In fact can this be automated to punish spoofing ?

  4. ObRelevantPost: fish/shrimp in mustard sauce – not sure what the Bengali name is but a very distinctive delicious dish.

  5. Had a Bong prof in college who used to invite me over for dinner at times. His wife made some pretty excellent food. Have had a fondness for Bong food ever since. One of the most under-rated Indian cuisines IMO.

  6. …and such is the craze that bengalis splurge on this fish anywhere in India. This thing goes up to Rs. 2000/kg sometimes. Sorry, I’ll just settle for Rohu. Poor man, simple choices!

  7. Not one to stroke the egos of our bong friends but they’ve got a claim on having the most sophisticated cuisine in south asia. Great rustic food where they use all the bits of the plant and the skins of gourds and make it work with seafood and all that, to the more refined stuff that probably evolved to the metropolitan setting of calcutta. Some of the best “mughlai” food is of the calcutta variety as well brought over by awadhi/bihari migrants.

  8. What does the word bhaja mean? Are you sure the word is not bhaat, meaning cooked rice. But then, I am not a Bengali speaker, so I wouldn’t know. Just guessing.

    1. Almost certainly from Sanskrit stem bhRj- meaning to fry or parch (in cooking).

      So the Bangla is cognate with Kashmiri buz- (to roast or fry). Nice to know!

      1. Also, we have good old “bhajia” from a host of Indo-Aryan languages for anything fried.

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