Bangladesh’s War of Liberation-Historicising a Personal Narrative

The following is from a talk given by Colonel Nadir Ali at BRAC university in Dhaka in 2007.. Bangladesh’s War of Liberation Liberation War-Historicising a Personal Narrative December 16, 2014 0 2,619 Views |By Col Nadir Ali (Retd) , Pakistan Army| Former Pakistani Col Nadir Ali’s talks of his experiences from 1971 in Bangladesh at […]

DoubleQuoting Myanmar and Assam..

It’s the first quote that carries the implication of genocide, but what of the rest? ** It’s not a joke, is it? Myanmar.. The United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention warns of certain indicators that “provide an environment conducive to the commission of atrocity crimes,” including “increased politicization of identity” and discriminatory “measures or legislation” […]

Ranking Mass Murder..

Ian Johnson in the NYRB asks the question: Who killed more? and does it matter?    The people on the list are Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Obviously Pol Pot does not make it because there were not enough Cambodians to qualify. Some Indians will complain that Churchill is missing, though I personally think that while […]