Predictable, enormously surprising

[ cross-posted from Zenpundit — read these in sequence, and tremble ] . Here: New Yorker, Citing climate change, BlackRock will start moving away from fossil fuels New Yorker, Will Big Business Finally reckon with the Climate Crisis? World Economic Forum, The Global Risks Report 2020 BlackRock, A Fundamental Reshaping of Finance Guardian, European Investment […]

Poems: climate, impeachment, climate

Scorched earth Scorched earth used to be a military tactic — Samson caught three hundred foxes, and took firebrands, and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails, sending them through enemy fields — but what if nature out-flames the foxes? What if floods engulf those waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Hosing down used to […]

One or other, both or neither?

Reposted from Zenpundit — Modi or Trump, special or chosen? — with thanks to The Emissary — and closing in on the shining suchness of the Tathagata . Modi of India, Trump of USA? ** Trump of USA proclaims himself the Chosen One, while Modi of India’s supporters claim Modi is the Special One. Who […]

Sex and Violence in Tibetan Buddhism, a book review:

rise and fall, hubris and nemesis, a frequent pattern in human existence .. . Sex and Violence in Tibetan Buddhism: The Rise and Fall of Sogyal Rinpoche by Mary Finnigan & Rob Hogendoorn Jorvik Press, 199 pp. (2019) The book benefits enormously from having twin authors — Rob Hogendoorn provides invaluable biographical and analytical material, […]

Saint Greta, Virgin and Guevara

A pair of DoubleQuotes and a whole bunch of the questions the two of them raise – also posted at Zenpundit . DoubleQuote I: St Greta, Virgin and Guevara: Questions: Is either meme valid? including its implications? Are those implications obscure to you? Can both sets of implications be valid at once? Could both memes […]

Pebbles dropped in the Brownpundits pond

a bumpy ride from the void, geographically and legally envisioned, via strategy to complexity and fiction, winding up in Rushdie territory with his Quichotte Just a few odds and ends that spark, I suppose, evens and beginnings. ** The Mandarin, The rocky road to reconciliation in Australia the British declare Australia terra nullius, a place […]

DoubleQuoting Myanmar and Assam..

It’s the first quote that carries the implication of genocide, but what of the rest? ** It’s not a joke, is it? Myanmar.. The United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention warns of certain indicators that “provide an environment conducive to the commission of atrocity crimes,” including “increased politicization of identity” and discriminatory “measures or legislation” […]

Metaphors for full, empty, void, overflowing — Indian trains

You already know the way things are — so this DoubleQuote will show you the familiar, hopefully with a new slant — — the abstract intuition that sees these two images taken together as a binary, a pairing of extremes — something the brain finds very reassuring — — and a metaphor for duality and […]

A couple of instances of Christianity in the world around us

I saw Omar Ali yesterday — terrific conversation — and when I asked what topics I should discuss here, he suggested I post whatever interests me — so here’s the anointing of Brazilian strong-man Bolsonaro, and hymn singing in Hong Kong. Religious behavior in general fascinates me — but when it affects politics, people often […]