You hate us, we hate you back

Kashmir and Bangladesh are (in our opinion) two hot-spots where the two-nation theory will be alive and causing misery for a considerable time to come. Everywhere else populations have adjusted to a new reality (Hindu free Pakistan, Muslims amidst big Hindu majority India).

In Bangladesh the fight (as we see it) is between muslims who are loyal to their south asian roots and muslims who want to preserve the (undivided) Pakistan narrative. It is clear that each faction is not so strong so as to wish the other one away. The future can be only one way: a tighter integration with India (which needs active Indian aid) or a tighter integration with the Middle East. It will be a brave man who can predict how things will turn out.

Kashmir is fully lost to India and would merge with Pakistan in a hear-beat if given the chance. Too much blood has been spilled for any reconciliation to take place. However the geo-political scenario being what it is, the best offer that the Kashmiris can get is a soft border (even that is unlikely).  
Also Pandits are not going back ever.

It is now past time that all parties involved recognize the reality in Kashmir and move forward to reduce pain and misery. If not we will be looking at military occupation forever as well as frequent beating up of Kashmiri students (see below) around the country. It is OK for people to hate each other but progress still needs to happen at the village, town and district level. Generations growing up under machine guns (and miniscule education and job opportunities) will be stunted in their imaginations and capabilities. It will be a human disaster on a very large scale. Hopefully there are visionaries who can lead out of this dark place. The only person who could have overcome this divide was Gandhi (and perhaps Subhas Bose who led the Azad Hind Fauz). But we need to remain hopeful that the hour will eventually provide the men and women.

Three Kashmiri students from a private
university in India’s Greater Noida city of Uttar Pradesh were allegedly
beaten up and forced to shout pro-Indian and anti-Pakistani statements
at the common hostel they were staying at, according to a report on The Hindustan Times website.

least six students, who were allegedly intoxicated, forced their way
into the room of the Kashmiri students attacking them and made them
shout anti-Pakistan slogans.

Around 150 students staged protests
on Monday, claiming that their university administration and local
police had turned a deaf ear to their grievances and had failed to
respond on time to their complaints when the incident took place.

though the targeted students all belonged to Kashmir, the university
administrations tried to play down the tone of the incident alleging
there was no ethnic or regional context.

The incident is reminiscent of a similar incident in March when 67 students from Kashmir were expelled and charged with sedition following a clash over alleged support for Pakistan during the Indo-Pak Asia Cup cricket clash. The sedition charges were later dropped.


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