Congratulations Sajid Javid!

Congratulations Sajid Javid, the first minority senior cabinet member that I know of in the history of England and the UK! The new Home Secretary is a patriotic Englishman of Desi (historic Indian) Pakistani Ancestry. He might become one of the most successful home secretary in English history and all of us are very proud of him and proud of our Anglo brothers and sisters!

Naturally Sajid Javid has been subject to vicious sectarian anti muslim attacks from nonmuslim Englishmen, especially post modernist Englishmen. In the above video UK muslims strongly defend Sajid from the sectarian anti muslim slurs. Sadly this is a part of a long pattern of mistreatment against muslim heritage people on the part of nonmuslims:


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6 years ago

Sajid bhai is a westoxicated murtad. Married a mem and has goray bacchey. How is that minority??

Brown Pundits