The $2 Billion (virtual) reality

Facebook is on a buying spree these days, enterprising BPites (especially the innovative young hipsters) can also think of pitching their stuff. Good luck!!!

Facebook is buying Oculus VR, a startup that makes virtual reality headsets, in a $2 billion deal.
Occulus VR founder Palmer Luckey explains reality to his young fans: 

always loved games. They’re windows into worlds that let us travel
somewhere fantastic. My foray into virtual reality was driven by a
desire to enhance my gaming experience; to make my rig more than just a
window to these worlds, to actually let me step inside them. As time
went on, I realized that VR technology wasn’t just possible, it was
almost ready to move into the mainstream. All it needed was the right
Facebook first approached us about partnering, I was skeptical. As I
learned more about the company and its vision and spoke with Mark, the
partnership not only made sense, but became the clear and obvious path
to delivering virtual reality to everyone.  
Facebook was founded with the
vision of making the world a more connected place. Virtual reality is a
medium that allows us to share experiences with others in ways that
were never before possible.

little changes day-to-day at Oculus, although we’ll have substantially
more resources to build the right team. If you want to come work on
these hard problems in computer vision, graphics, input, and audio,
please apply! 

This is a special
moment for the gaming industry – Oculus’ somewhat unpredictable future
just became crystal clear: virtual reality is coming, and it’s going to
change the way we play games forever.

obsessed with VR. I spend every day pushing further, and every night
dreaming of where we are going. Even in my wildest dreams, I never
imagined we’d come so far so fast.

proud to be a member of this community – thank you all for carrying
virtual reality and gaming forward and trusting in us to deliver. We
won’t let you down.



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