Please vote for the illiterate millionaire

Rakhi Sawant is an ordinary lady with extra-ordinary assets (she is also worth US $ 2.5 million) and a dedicated voice for the downtrodden. She has marked herself “illiterate” under educational qualifications while filing papers for standing as a candidate. Taking a close look at the whole picture we would have to say literacy is over-rated. We also wish her the best for the elections (and in her avowed goal to wake up leaders from deep sleep) and fancy her chances of winning the (young male) vote.

starlet Rakhi Sawant who is contesting from Mumbai Northwest seat has
declared herself an “illiterate” with total assets of Rs 14.69 crore.

The actress has invested Rs 61.26 lakh in bonds and shares and Rs 2.12
crore in insurance and postal savings. She owns a Ford Endeavour worth
Rs 21 lakh and jewellery worth Rs 7.55 lakh.

Her immovable
property includes a residential flat and offices in suburban Mumbai. The
flat was purchased at Rs 5,03,12,500 and its current market value is
stated to be Rs 11,12,59,000.

Rakhi has marked herself “illiterate” in the educational qualifications column in her nomination papers.

The actress, who launched Rashtriya Aam Party, had said she was
entering politics “to wake up MPs from their deep sleep and to solve
problems of people as they have deep trust in me”.


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