Heavenly abode prefers a secular icon

The rumors are louder than ever that Hindus in Kerala have become a minority (majority: Muslims + Christians). It is also true that Rahul Gandhi’s grand-father was Feroze Jahangir Khan (Parsi from Mumbai) and his mother is a Roman Catholic (from Italy). What has one thing to do with the other?

Kerala is the only one out of 4 southern states where peeps prefer Gandhi over Modi as PM.  Indeed on present mood, Congress may sweep 17 out of the 20 seats. That is simply amazing and probably also underlines the sidelining of the Communists in this election. In addition, Congress is likely to win as many as 18 seats in Karnataka (out of 28)- which can be attributed to the lingering memories of the horrendously corrupt BJP state govt under Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyruppa (he is back in the BJP after having been expelled…as short term greed overcomes long-term need). In Tamil Nadu, however the Grand Old Party will get no satisfaction as the Dravidas are completely, head-over-heels in love with their foreigner (and) Brahmin lady leader (her party is likely to win the majority of seats- 21 out of 39). Finally Congress should expect no more than 8 seats in Andhra Pradesh (including Telengana). Thus, a max total of 43 seats, approximately 40% of the Mission 115 seats are due to come from the south. In more than one way it is significant that it is the (southern) end of the nation is where the GOP has vowed to take its last (secular) stand and the people are still loyal followers (and voters). Good for them.


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Kodhambo Madhathakaja
10 years ago

8 seats in AP? if wishes were horses….

I see no more than 25 Congress seats in the south.

Brown Pundits