The race for top US jobs (India > China)

It is right and proper to have this patriotic news stored away in the recesses of your brain, it is even better to share with your top 1% friends (if you have the good fortune to know any).

 Language, familiarity with
western culture and a willingness to move are the key reasons Indians
are getting more top jobs in the US than the Chinese, who see more
opportunity and good pay at home.

So suggests a Wall Street
Journal report citing the success of chief executives such as PepsiCo’s
Indra Nooyi, Deutsche Bank’s Anshu Jain and MasterCard’s Ajay Banga and
the recent appointment of India-born Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO.

While “language and familiarity with Western culture are the obvious
reasons” for their successes in the US, the Indians are also “more
willing to move than Chinese”, it says citing headhunters.

Chinese pay is just
one-fifth lower than the average level in the US, according to a survey
of technology companies by Aon Hewitt, a human resource consulting
company cited by the newspaper.

“While India remains a tough
place to live, China has become more comfortable in recent years,
ranking as the No. 1 country for expatriates in an HSBC survey,” it

Even those Chinese executives who move away to escape
pollution and a slowing economy are more likely to land in Hong Kong or
Singapore than get real international experience in markets such as
Southeast Asia or Latin America, the Journal said. .


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