“I reached the village everything was finished”

If you disturb sacred tribal lands, be prepared to pay a heavy price…including seeing your little child drowning in front of you. Next time, the migrant population must learn from their mistakes and vote for a Bodo leader....who will call for the muslims to be evicted from sacred lands.

The prime accused (by the muslims) Pramila Rani Brahma and the Bodoland People’s Front is allied with the (Axom) Congress govt of Tarun Gogoi. The international community (and the progressive left within India) must hold Gogoi to the same standard that they have (justifiably) applied for Modi. These killings are especially egregious because it is a repeat from 2 years ago. Where are the Teesta Setalvads who will monitor the situation so as to prevent yet one more attack down the road?
“We did not vote for the BPF candidate in Lok Sabha polls, that’s why we were attacked,” alleged 75-year-old Iman Ali.

Bodoland People’s Front, an ally of ruling Congress in Assam, is facing
accusations for the Friday bloodbath that left 36 people –mostly women
and children– dead with the affected families claiming that the
“planned” attack was a reprisal for voting for a non-Bodo candidate.

The victims of Narayanguri in Baksa district, along with the villagers
on East of Beki river, refuted government’s claim that the attack was
carried out by National Democratic Front of Bodoland’s IK Songbijit
faction –NDFB(S)– militants.

The Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), which evolved from the Bodo
Liberation Tigers militant outfit, has denied the allegations of
involvement in the May 2 carnage that targeted Muslim families.

“The killings took place days after BPF leader Promila Rani Brahma said
that Muslims did not vote for BPF. It seems like a planned attack,”
claimed Faridul Islam, who is living in a relief camp after the

“It is our democratic right to support anyone we wish. Bodos have always
tortured us. Almost every year, they do such kinds of massacre. Why
should we vote them?” asked Iman Ali, who lost his wife in the attack. 

Halima Khatun jumped into the Beki river with her five-month-old child
to save his life from terrorists, she never thought it was the last time
she was holding her child.
“Everywhere there was sound of
firing. Some people who ran towards the forest guards’ post were also
fired by them. I had no other option but to jump into the river,” Khatun
(30) told PTI here.

While fleeing, she left behind her
10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son as she could not find them and
they are still untraceable.

Her husband was at the Bhangarpar market at the time of the attack.

“I tried to swim across the other side of the river, but could not. I
could not hold my infant child and he was washed away by strong current
of the river in front of my eyes. I found a stationary log in the water
and survived by holding on to it,” the inconsolable mother said.

She has not found the body of her child yet. “While in waters, the
gunmen were firing at us. Thankfully the bullets did not hit me, but many
who jumped to save their lives died,”
Khatun said, adding she also lost
her two brother-in-laws in the attack.

The current of the
river was so strong that Khatun’s clothes were also washed away and Army
personnel rescued her after almost two hours and gave a ‘lungi’ to
cover her body.

Same is the story of other victims of the terrorist attacks in Narayanguri and Hagrabari villages of Baksa district.

Except three-four fortunate families, all the remaining 70-odd families have lost their loved ones.

“I lost my three sons and a daughter.Their bodies were lying in the
field when I reached there after an hour of the attack,” Ajimuddin Ali
(50) said.

Ali, who was away in Bhangarpar market along with
most of the men of the villages, ran to the river side after hearing

“But no boat was ready to cross the river fearing the
attack.I had to wait for an hour to cross.And when I reached the
village, everything was finished,” he said.

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