The 51st state

This term as applied to England, Australia, Israel,…has a distinguished lineage associated with long running (benevolent) empires. During British rule this or that city would be referred to as the second city of the empire after London (Calcutta, Edinburgh,…).

There is now physical evidence that the 51st state is actually…Pakistan. No other explanation can satisfy the basic query- why an FBI agent is on active duty on Pak soil?

US officials in Washington confirmed that the agent, who is assigned to the FBI
Miami Field Office, was in Pakistan on temporary duty, the Washington Post

The government of Pakistan has denied issuing any invitations. All this shadowy business only helps sharpen the “dollar-khor” rhetoric espoused by Captain sahib. The USA should come clean on this matter- this is about securing the nuclear complex, right? Not to worry, this is the 21st century, we look forward to Wiki Leaks-II to tell us the whole story.

Final point: an American while traveling should know and respect local laws would never dare to carry live ammunition into an US flight. There seems to be no limit to imperial arrogance.

updates: 1) thanks to Asok for informing that US laws do allow ammunition in checked luggage,
2) it is not clear from reports if the bullets and (3) knives were in checked or hand luggage, either way the agent did violate Pakistani laws (ignorance is not an excuse), so the imperialism charge sticks
3) CNN reports that US agents have permission to be armed in Pakistan but only if authorized but flight luggage rules still apply, however this person was not authorized and clearly on a clandestine mission
4) the agent was not authorized to carry weapons and does not have diplomatic immunity, so shall we now see patriotic americans insisting that the book should be thrown at him (max 14 years in prison), just like that Indian lady a few months ago?

An American, arrested on anti-terrorism charges at an
airport here after Pakistani authorities recovered 15 bullets and a pistol clip
from his possession, has been identified as an FBI agent.

Joel Cox was about to board a domestic flight to Islamabad at the Jinnah
International Airport on Monday evening when the Airport Security Force (ASF)
discovered 15 bullets of 9mm caliber and a pistol clip in his baggage.

He was detained by the ASF before being handed over to the airport police
station where a case was lodged against him.

Yesterday, Cox appeared in court on charges that he had violated local
anti-terrorism laws that prohibit carrying firearms or ammunition aboard
commercial flights, which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail.

He was later remanded to police custody till May 10.

“We are aware of the situation that has been reported and we are coordinating
with Pakistani authorities to resolve this matter,” said Meghan Gregonis,
US Embassy spokesperson in Islamabad.
US media reports have identified him as an FBI agent who was in Pakistan to
allegedly train policemen. Karachi police officials have denied knowledge of any such training programme
and said Cox was on a 90-day ‘visit’ visa. 


US officials in Washington confirmed that the agent, who is assigned to the FBI
Miami Field Office, was in Pakistan on temporary duty, the Washington Post
An agent with the US FBI
has been arrested under anti-terrorism laws in Pakistan for carrying
ammunition while trying to board a flight.

The US citizen was detained at Karachi airport after security
staff found 15 bullets for a 9mm handgun in his luggage ahead of a
flight to Islamabad.

American agents operating inside Pakistan have been the cause
of strained relations in the past and have fuelled anti-US feeling in
the country.

In 2011 there was furore when CIA contractor Raymond Davis
was arrested for shooting dead two men following what he said was an
attempted armed robbery in Lahore.

Mr Davis was later released after the families of the dead men accepted “blood money”.

The United States and Pakistan co-operate in the global fight against Islamist militants, angering many Pakistanis.

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10 years ago

It doesn't say that he "carried live ammunition into the flight", only that ammunition was found in his luggage.

US rules allow ammunition and unloaded guns in checked luggage.

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