Banana skins, ice showers and amnesty

Since I only write when I’m riled about something (which oddly enough in my last weekend as a 20-something is getting rarer and rarer- perhaps I’m getting more self-centred) I trawl through the free press (Unz & Taki) to find something that’s counter-intuitive and irrational. I don’t actually read the mainstream media anymore (except the Daily Telegraph from time to time and when I’m feeling particularly saucy the Daily Mail).

At any rate I must get to my point or at least start getting there. I love freezing fruit and then eating them. Today I had an especially delicious frozen banana, that had it not been frozen would have been thrown 4days ago. We must stop wasting food as we do and incidentally enough I eat fruits (and their skins) with gusto. It explains why even as I approach 30 I’m able to control my waist with some aplomb.

Also usually I find winters in London to be horrendous (I especially used to dread November). However while the winter was not so bad (notwithstanding the night before last when it sound like bombs were going off, the winds were that bad) I must say what has helped are ice showers. After I exercise (I don’t step into the shower sweaty, I wait a bit) I turn the water to ice temperature. I make sure that all of my body is subjected to that but what I’ve realised is that by lowering the temperature of my body in such a dramatic way I’m not as sensitive to the cold as I should be.

Finally on everyone’s favourite topic, immigration amnesty. Personally I think deportations are just too harsh but more of the same cannot continue. The West and the developed world must revise their immigration policy so that there is free settlement between first-tier nations (to move from Australia to America) and wealthy Westerners should be encouraged to emigrate to the developing world. They’ll get much more bang for the buck and Uganda, with it’s evergreen spring temperate climate, would be an ideal location for Western pensioners to settle. It would be bring about a transfer of capital, help demographics in both countries and create necessary cultural links. Our immigration/emigration policy is all wrong as it stands..

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