Religious diversity in the world

IOO map is not well thought out….India (and South Asia) is much more religiously diverse than Canada (or Australia) for example. Also in our opinion the religious diversity in Islamic countries and in particular Iran is undercounted (Bahais for example may fear exclusion).

While being a Muslim majority country, Pakistan is more
religiously diverse than 48 other countries of the world including
Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Maldives, Romania and the Vatican City, says a
new study.

According to the Pew Research Center study,
Pakistan does rank amongst the countries with low religious diversity,
but its population makeup keeps it ahead of 48 nations.

country scores a total of 0.8 on a scale of 0 to 10, with 96.4 per cent
of its population Muslims, 1.9 per cent Hindus, 1.6 per cent Christians,
and all other religions less than 0.1 per cent.

The Religious
Diversity Index (RDI) calculates diversity based on national population
shares of eight major world religions (Buddhists, Christians, folk
religions, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, other religions considered as a group,
and the religiously unaffiliated).

The index divides the
countries into four ranges: very high (the top 5 per cent of scores),
high (the next highest 15 per cent of scores, which works out to 16 per
cent because of tie scores), moderate (the next 20 per cent of scores)
and low (the bottom 59 per cent of scores). A score of 10 indicates the
maximum possible diversity if each of the eight groups constitutes an
equal share of the population.

The countries ranking the highest
on the index include Singapore 9.0, Taiwan 8.2, Vietnam 7.7, Suriname
7.6, Guinea-Bissau 7.5, Togo 7.5, Ivory Coast 7.4, South Korea 7.4,
China 7.3, Hong Kong 7.2, Benin 7.2, Mozambique 7.0.

With a score
of 4.0, India ranks amongst countries with moderate religious diversity.
Countries on the moderate range include the US, UAE, Russia, Nepal, and
the UK, among others.

The three countries with the least
religiously diverse population are the Vatican City, Morocco, and
Tokelau – all with a score of 0. They are followed closely by Iran,
Romania, Tunisia, Timor-Leste, Somalia and Afghanistan.


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